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My personal research statement: thoughts on attribution networks, non-equilibrium economics and computational social science in the era of decentralized computation.
This is such a fun experiment! It’s been really interesting to see already how things have progressed. The price went from 0.3 eth all the way to 888 eth in a matter of hours. At that price and current eth value, Simon will make $6k in COST patronage over a (Disclosure: I was the first buyer, and I definitely somewhat regret not setting the price much higher to begin with!) ...Read More
Not sure if the article above is the best explanation of Steemit... but going to take this opportunity to contrast it with Relevant's cryptoeconomic design. To start, Steemit has definitely pioneered the space and is the first 'curation market' not to mention one of the biggest dapps out there. Relevant economic design was inspired by that of Steemit. Here is how its different: ...Read More
One of the best independent research teams in the crypto space - Su Zhu + Hasu - has put out some thoughts on the value of Bitcoin. ...Read More