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Vitalik Buterin discusses Credible Neutrality in the context of Incentivised Mechanisms of guiding human behavior.

"... there is a very important principle that is at play, and one that is likely to become key to the discourse of how to ...Read More

Been working on this weird thing MetaGame. "A Massive Online Coordination Game" Think social media meets freelancing meet role playing games... It should make a lot more sense after you read the thread on it, there's links for more in-depth ...Read More

Great read about "What the Decentralized Web Can Learn from Wikipedia".

In fact a lot of the mechanism design for Relevant was inspired by Wikipedia!

Varios funcionarios del gobierno de EE. UU. En altos cargos, incluido el Presidente, afirmaron recientemente que la criptomoneda no es una buena forma de pagar los bienes y servicios. Si bien algunos analistas dicen que esto detuvo una ...Read More

"Three priorities were set for completion by the November deadline. The city’s blockchain points system will be introduced and residents of Seoul will receive S-coins for the use of public services. They will be able to redeem those points ...Read More

“Nobody actually cares if tether is backed or not,” says Konstantin Plavnik, chief operating officer of Moscow-based crypto derivatives exchange Xena. Confidence in Tether’s solvency relies on long-time habit and convenience: this market ...Read More

"One way to think about various kinds of crypto projects is through the lens of contract theory. An axiom of this area of legal scholarship states: “all but the simplest contracts are incomplete”. That is, contractual arrangements cannot ...Read More

Came across a REALLY cool project in Sardinia this weekend called Sardex.

"Sardex is a regional business-to-business (B2B) "commercial credit circuit," or "credit club" - a members-only network that allows local Sardinian small and ...Read More

"The current state of affairs concerning Bitcoin and the end user assurances/usability. The article examines assurance the network provides at each stage from acquisition to divestment."

SEC came down hard on Kik. This is the first SEC come-down I've seen in a while. Do we think we'll see more in the space? How will it impact the ecosystem?

Full briefing here: ...Read More

I love seeing governance ideas like this and think they would be a great idea to make elected groups stick to their manifestos.

"SmartPromises is a public accountability platform that allows a nation to incentivize its political parties ...Read More

Everyone talks about how we don't want what happened to the Internet to happen to the blockchain ecosystem. This article outlines the whole roadmap from the decentralized cyberpunk Internet we know and love to the centralized internet that ...Read More

Also - here was their awesome product demo from this years NYC Blockchain Week. Instant browser-based wallet, no ETH or GAS required + no fees, and instant transactions.... for alcohol. V ...Read More