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"DeFi has reached escape velocity. Now that the primitives are here, we are experiencing a combinatorial explosion of new products, driven by the endless creativity of the Ethereum community. It can feel impossible to keep up with all the new projects and instruments being released on what feels like a ...Read More
Production of physical goods has become dozens of times more efficient in only a few decades: why can’t consumption follow suit? Mattereum is working to solve these problems by creating digital twins of material objects and using blockchain smart contracts to transform the way they are traded, owned, and combined, to squeeze out these inefficiencies, and more accurately allocate capital to activities which promote wellbeing ...Read More
Ethereum: A Comprehensive Guide By now Ethereum is the second largest name in cryptocurrency behind Bitcoin and has gained a lot of traction from the blockchain communities as an instrumental blockchain to support further development projects.
I guess this article is a bit like the "drama" of crypto. Many of these lawsuits seem fundamental, or just people with pyramids but was surprised to see someone on this list that I personally know.
If you weren't able to catch the Commons Stack presentations during Berlin Blockchain Week, this is a good catch up on some exciting announcements! 👉 cadCAD is now open source! ...Read More
This is a technical primer on how to make your own bonding curves, followed by a discussion about the opportunities and risks involved.
"Last week, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) announced the launch of the Mainnet Initiative, which aims to accelerate collaboration between enterprises and the Ethereum community working on the public mainnet. The initiative will be led by a technical working group and will provide a channel for mainnet R&D teams to ...Read More
Interested in learning how to setup a validator? Please let me know in the comments here or at the the linked Tweet if you'd like me to livestream my next testnet validator setup.
It will be interesting to live in a world where every major retail corporation's coin is in competition. “The digital currency may be pegged to the US dollar and available for use only at selected retailors or partners. In other embodiments, the digital currency is available for use anywhere. ...Read More
Programmers put their ideology into the code they write. A good case study: "Urbit positions itself as a P2P project, but it stands out in contrast to other P2P projects, mainly because the person behind it, Curtis Yarvin, seems antithetical to what I understand P2P to represent... Who and what ...Read More
Varios funcionarios del gobierno de EE. UU. En altos cargos, incluido el Presidente, afirmaron recientemente que la criptomoneda no es una buena forma de pagar los bienes y servicios. Si bien algunos analistas dicen que esto detuvo una carrera alcista en 2019, ¿es cierto que estas palabras realmente tienen un ...Read More
Según Fernando Gutiérrez, Dash Core CMO, ChainLocks hace que el 51% de los ataques y las reorganizaciones sean prohibitivamente costosos. "No creemos que tenga sentido medir la seguridad en términos de poder de hashing, sino en cuánto costaría realizar un ataque exitoso" , explicó. "Con ese criterio, Dash es la ¿Y ustedes que creen? ...Read More
Daniel Jeffries: "Bienvenido a la segunda parte de la serie Dreams of Crypto Spring. La primera parte cubrió la pesadilla ciberpunk de Libra y su repentino ascenso al poder. En la segunda parte, cubro Telegram, una nueva esperanza de asestar un golpe contra el imperio de Libra. Esta es una ...Read More
Entramos en una acelerada carrera por los intentos de regulación de las criptomonedas a nivel global. Desde los organismos financieros internacionales como el Fondo Monetario Internacional, el Banco Mundial se procura homogeneizar una normas comunes, sin embargo, para nada esto va a ser ni fácil ni rápido, cada gobierno tiene ...Read More
¿Hacia donde realmente va el ecosistema cripto? ¿Como se están dando los movimientos a nivel global? ¿Que realmente genero Libra en el congreso de los Estados Unidos de Norteamérica?