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“What we are creating now is the same siloed infrastructure we see in non web3 technologies.” I also agree with this sentiment. There’s a tendency for VC backed companies to develop “siloed” solutions in an effort to “landgrab” value. ...Read More
"The current state of affairs concerning Bitcoin and the end user assurances/usability. The article examines assurance the network provides at each stage from acquisition to divestment."
Another piece of the puzzle falling into place. "In this blog post, we describe a few applications of making internet-hosted data available inside an immutable public blockchain: placing BigQuery data available on-chain using a Chainlink oracle smart contract. Possible applications are innumerable, but we've focused this post on a few that we think are of high and immediate ...Read More
The "donuts" experiment on the ethtrader subreddit is super interesting to look at from a governance perspective. Original post here: Vitalik's take is interesting. I think the issue with this approach was the economic incentive and the community reputation were too closely tied to be a foundation for any metric/mechanism. ...Read More
Day One: 31:05 - Intro 34:40 - Hart Lambur - UMA ...Read More
iirc, this is more or less what happened during the DAO debacle, except the Eth counterattackers weren't so quick on the draw.
Livepeer on the Lightning Network: the video stream encodes the Lightning payment information, and your payment stream is your login/captcha. Cool proposal from Laolu Osuntokun.
This is an older article but it's such a good fulcrum for the "funding open-source" conversation. It states the need for rewarding maintainers and explores the OSS funding space. I think funding open-source is top of mine for everyone right now and the goal of a lot of different projects. ...Read More
Selecting a network to validate on is a form of investment analysis. It can make or break a small validator. Doing this well will only become more important as the number of Proof of Stake networks that come online increases. ...Read More
"Creating anything new in the world, especially something that runs against the grain, requires courageous and visionary individuals, tied to resourceful communities" I strongly believe in strong leadership and mentorship even in flat and "decentralized" organizations. I think we could use some more examples where organizations are representative yet lead very well.
SEC came down hard on Kik. This is the first SEC come-down I've seen in a while. Do we think we'll see more in the space? How will it impact the ecosystem? Full briefing here: ...Read More
"There was no software to support the rigorous engineering of complex systems from the ground up — from the verification and validation of simple systems (subsystems/components) with explicit assumptions, up to more complex, stochastic, dynamically networked systems with emergent properties in line with specified requirements. This full range of capabilities, IMO, the launch and development of cadCAD is going to be a great step for legitimatizing token engineering as the professional discipline for the engineering of cryptoeconomic models and will be necessary for all #dao experiments. ...Read More
"The dxDAO is an ambitious experiment, and one of the largest blockchain-based coordination endeavors to date since “The DAO.” The idea for the dxDAO initially arose from Gnosis’ design and development of a permissionless trading protocol, the DutchX, which has proved its viability as critical infrastructure providing a decentralized, on-chain -------> "Its lifelong trajectory will ultimately be decided by what community stakeholders deem to be the most legit pursuits!" ...Read More