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"KuCoin posted more “suspicious addresses" about yesterday's hack. The damage is closer to $200 million, not $150 million."

"DeFi protocol Aave's community can now make its first decision: to migrate the platform’s governance token, LEND, to new token, AAVE."

Will India reinstate a ban on Cryptocurrencies in light of possible traction and adoption by the Indian private sector lenders namely HDFC Bank?

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I feel that @Relevant is one of the first stakeholder owned software networks outside of #cryptocurrency or #defi with the potential to go mainstream. I wrote about this concept, it's advantages over corporations and trade offs in ...Read More

There have been several Ethereum 2.0 test networks, including Onyx, Witti, Altona, and Medalla is the latest and final one. Wright stated that he has done extensive testing on multiple networks using multiple clients and has become highly ...Read More

Bitcoin remaining relatively stable despite a cryptocurrency exchange getting hacked over the weekend is a positive sign for the market’s ...Read More

DeFi Player Synthetix SNX Announces Transition to “Optimistic Ethereum”

DeFi platform Synthetix SNX announced the first phase of its transition to the second layer scalability solution of Ethereum called Optimistic Ethereum. The ...Read More

Responding to 1,000%+ spike in Ethereum fees, Synthetix is testing layer-2 tech

It’s been quite the year for DeFi. But due to natural constraints on the Ethereum blockchain, this period of growth has meant that transaction fees have ...Read More

This hedge fund is raising millions to trade DeFi tokens like YFI and LEND

A crypto-focused hedge fund is now accepting investors and raising funds for the launch of an algorithmic hedge fund to generate profits from the rapidly growing ...Read More