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“In the US, historically, institutions often received substantial amounts of public funding. Starting in the late 19th century, many US museums were built on public land in cities contractually obligated to support them with public funds. Nevertheless, in most cases they were governed by wealthy individuals sitting on self-perpetuating boards ...Read More
Tommy Cash, the Eastern European performance artist and musician single-handedly responsible for making Estonian hip-hop a thing, has always leaned into his Soviet roots. So when we asked him and a few co-conspirators to take some pictures across a frozen Russian landscape, we expected some Cold War vibes. What we ...Read More
Friday's weather across the Lower 48 is forecast to be so quiet that weather maps are showing up virtually blank... During more active weather, this NWS webpage can resemble modern art, sprayed with a Crayola box full of colors representing multiple warnings, watches and advisories for severe thunderstorms, flooding, snow, ice and wind. ...Read More
I wrote a quick NYFW roundup for Editorial Magazine “With a sparse schedule and New York’s most iconic designers seemingly becoming displaced by corporations like Nike and L.L. Bean, it seemed like fashion week was destined for irrelevancy—or some other kind of impending doom.”
“there’s rumours that the inventor of Bitcoin was a mycologist [the name for biologists who study fungi] and that the currency is built around the structures of mycology”. Bitcoin and fungus certainly share a certain subterranean, secretive quality.
"After more than a decade traversing Europe, Balenciaga's provocative creative director is producing some of the most creative and fashion of our era."
“[Don’t] just throw them a prize and say, ‘Oh, we did our duty,’ and then put them in touch with CEOs that don’t even want to have conversations with them,” he said, critiquing initiatives like the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund. “Here, there is such a divide between the corporate side and ...Read More
“Everybody makes this thing about sexuality as if that’s the main thing in your life, it is NOT. The main thing in your life is to get through it with a sense of joy, whilst being able to deal with the pain that life will bring you.”
“It's not up to me to say what's more important, I just write books, but it’s about how these things are enabling. How can a book be a thing that’s got the tools in it, where you don’t need (in the American context) $100,000 worth of graduate school education just ...Read More
Content bias was the most reliable effect of the three in explaining the rise of negative lyrics. This is consistent with other findings in cultural evolution, in which negative information appears to be remembered and transmitted more than neutral or positive information. However, we also found that including unbiased transmission ...Read More
"If the overall brand concept and/or brand identity isn't shifting the culture like Pyer Moss, Christopher John Rogers and Telfar what's the point," said a freelancer.