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"John Michael Boling discusses the origins of his animated sci-fi web-series, CULTURESPORT, fresh off its successful Kickstarter campaign."
Part of a three-part series tracking the concept of empathy within games. " Games aimed to emotionally involve the player with a character who faces difficult scenarios and choices, and allwere resounding critical and market successes relative to their scope and content. In many ways, they reshaped public perception of ...Read More
Spoilers in the review but I highly recommend reading Elvia Wilk’s new dystopic sci-fi novel set in what feels like a not-so-distant future Berlin.
"Punk has been dead as long as I’ve been alive, which means we’ve been living in the 1990s for almost 30 years. The establishment that has grown out of this cultural dynasty looks very different than our classic image of the bourgeoisie. A new aesthetic now caters to the skaters ...Read More
A flashback to about a year ago, but of relevance given how gay men are increasingly perceived in Russia. “The central taboo concerning Tchaikovsky’s life has been his homosexuality – the topic that has been barred from public discussion for almost a century … In the eye of the authorities, it would have been unthinkable to accept [that] … Russia’s national treasure was a homosexual.”
" Hailed as the ‘new Tumblr’, the cyberpunk-looking app is like Blade Runner with a buffer time; a decentralised platform for and governed by its users, powered by a mysterious force called New Power. " " Founded by net artist and general tech dude Vector Newman (that’s his New Life name) and is supported by a network of Internet pioneers, including V-files’ Preston Chaunsumlit. @_____preston ...Read More
I talked to Leah Hennessey and Emily Allan about the geeky online gems they found researching their fan fic play SLASH. Lots of gay user made content featuring everyone from Kurt and Spock to Bowie and Iggy to Harry and Malfoy.
A beautiful brief biographical piece: ... and on On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous: ‘The book has a poetic density that is at once elliptical and unflinching in its gaze, a testimony to the endlessly complicated dynamics of damage. “Sometimes being offered tenderness,” writes Vuong, “feels like the very proof that ...Read More
“Right now, I’ve become really ensorcelled by this Venusian fertility cult in the Valley. They’re beautiful women, all related to each other. [Ed note: Love is referring to the Kardashians.]”
Wow love articles and initiatives like this one! #apply #femme #music #NYC 🎧 The grant, which goes up to $20,000 per project, can specifically be used to fund an EP, album, or video.
Never seen it but appreciate the lawsuits against representation of history within contemporary media distribution and political agendas showing off the power of representation and distortion of history shaping politics today and using the system as a political tool of expression.
"Eilish is the first hitmaker born in this century. She’s the same age as the iPod, which must be why she’s so unironically gung-ho about jumping between musical styles — she pillages gangsta rap, Hot Topic emo, mall grunge, goth balladry, fusing all the noise that keeps her awake. She ...Read More