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“The social practice of raving to electronic music did not have its origins in the financial sector, nor were the styles of music that anticipated EDM–house, techno, UK hardcore of various shades–created to be played on yachts via Sonos bluetooth setups.”
"The show marks nothing less than a general shift in conservative American ideology. Almost twenty years in and this absolute turd of a series, something that was previously good for a judgmental laugh and nothing else, has become, in its way, valuable."
"I am 45 and have been living like I’m 25 since I was 15." Rip Elizabeth Wurtzel
"I hate porn". To begin with: there are different types of porn. There are types of porn that piss me off - the same type Emma Lindsay is talking about on the article, and some others - but there's also a whole world of interesting porn out there. We sure To make it short, let's mention porn that consists on women having orgasms. There's a video called "how to eat pussy like a champ", please search for it, it's on Pornhub, and tell me that it's not doing a service for women. And it's very porn-y, it's not even close ...Read More
This blackface influencer is following the trend of a number of famous people and YouTubers that really should be publically cancled.
" Some white supremacists have been drawn to classical studies out of a desire to affirm what they imagine to be an unblemished lineage of white Western culture extending back to ancient Greece. When they are told that their understanding of classical history is flawed, they often get testy. "
"BP’s sponsorship of British arts organizations was hardly “no strings attached.” Through Freedom of Information Act requests, the group discovered that “BP staff have been given opportunity to input into, sign-off, and approve decisions related to programming and content at BP-sponsored institutions” — including (…) getting final say on curatorial The end is a bit weak but still ok. ...Read More
"Gerwig’s refusal to engage with feminist ideas beyond those that pertain to Alcott’s time risks celebrating a socially conservative present." - that's it. Politically it hardly goes beyond A Room of One's Own, and since now women can have their own property, it lets the spectator free to give her ...Read More
Words from my favorite astrologer Chani Nicolas on her new book. "I think this current iteration of the world is ending, but a new one can and should begin and if we choose apocalypse, I think we are negating our responsibility for being part of the rebirth. So if it ...Read More
“And Instapoets have become their bards, reinforcing their narcissism, offering a filtered reflection of an anxious generation scrambling for distraction. “For me, poetry is like holding up a mirror and seeing myself,” Rupi Kaur, the best-selling Instapoet of all time, has said. In other words, this is the poetry of (Published 2 years ago) ...Read More
“For the past year, I’ve been sharing short comics that explore the therapy process. I had to get comfortable with talking about uncomfortable things... It’s taken a while to get comfortable with sharing personal stories, but the response has been positive and accepting... My message is that there is hope! Trauma and childhood adversity can be healed and transformed through therapy and self-compassion.”
“While less pronounced in later works associated with Xenofeminism, the 2015 Manifesto stands as a testament of cultural theory’s persistent conflation of radical politics, and eliminative logic. Repair work must begin here.”
"According to an age discrimination lawsuit filed (and later settled) by a male pilot against Mike Jeffries, then the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch, there were strict rules, contained in a 47-page manual, for how the young, male, scantily clad models were supposed to behave while crewing on the company’s ...Read More
“Wolfson does not refuse all received ideas about art. He repeats a handful of platitudes with apparent earnestness: that artists have nothing but their own intuition, that worrying about offending others prevents the creation of real art, that audiences should be grateful for the access they are given to artists’ Artists and critics preoccupied with transgression love to repeat the word ‘form!’ to distract you from their reliance on visceral content.” ...Read More