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The evidence amasses before me like Wuhan and 5G wifi — Looks like I'm the first in the world to be fully indreanched in it.

Do me a favour? -if I am wrong in my thesis here: please actually read it and look at the data provided - then ...Read More


“The screen display’s Venetian blinds, and its series of custom sounds, like a rotary phone ringtone and a typewriter noise for the keyboard, ...Read More

“This film is part of a larger general commitment Pornhub has to supporting the arts. We want to be seen as a platform that artists and creators can use,” said Pornhub’s brand director Alex Klein. “We’ve seen artists in general upload ...Read More

In an interview with Artnews, Herndon admits that she’s stumped by this problem: “ ‘What is an individual’s voice?’ and ‘how do you copyright it?’ are very sticky questions. I don’t have the answers, but … our society isn’t structured to ...Read More

“In the US, historically, institutions often received substantial amounts of public funding. Starting in the late 19th century, many US museums were built on public land in cities contractually obligated to support them with public funds. ...Read More

"I find it extremely difficult to look at this new Spotify partnership with anything but extreme skepticism. While the case can be made that this might help individual promoters or venues on a micro level, are we really supposed to believe ...Read More

Tommy Cash, the Eastern European performance artist and musician single-handedly responsible for making Estonian hip-hop a thing, has always leaned into his Soviet roots. So when we asked him and a few co-conspirators to take some pictures ...Read More

Friday's weather across the Lower 48 is forecast to be so quiet that weather maps are showing up virtually blank...

During more active weather, this NWS webpage can resemble modern art, sprayed with a Crayola box full of colors ...Read More

“Axe would have anthropologists believe that its target audience was 20-something men for whom quick-draw sexual episodes were a semi-regular occurrence; in fact, the brand’s power user was a 13-year-old boy with a mom who humored him.”

I wrote a quick NYFW roundup for Editorial Magazine

“With a sparse schedule and New York’s most iconic designers seemingly becoming displaced by corporations like Nike and L.L. Bean, it seemed like fashion week was destined for ...Read More