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"A music student has transcribed a piece of music she found painted on a man's derrière in Hieronymus Bosch's masterpiece "The Garden of Earthly Delights.""
The book that Prince didn’t get a chance to write sounds like it would have been a fun read. Also great to hear him talk shit about Ayn Rand.
From Boomkat: "...she set up and documented the interaction between a neural network, audio recordings of early Martian language, and footage of the movements of space bacteria. Effectively arriving at a consolidation of wetware and hardware, Jenna uses the computer as a shaman/conduit with the capacity to transmute light and ...Read More
A flashback to about a year ago, but of relevance given how gay men are increasingly perceived in Russia. “The central taboo concerning Tchaikovsky’s life has been his homosexuality – the topic that has been barred from public discussion for almost a century … In the eye of the authorities, it would have been unthinkable to accept [that] … Russia’s national treasure was a homosexual.”
Wow love articles and initiatives like this one! #apply #femme #music #NYC 🎧 The grant, which goes up to $20,000 per project, can specifically be used to fund an EP, album, or video.
"Eilish is the first hitmaker born in this century. She’s the same age as the iPod, which must be why she’s so unironically gung-ho about jumping between musical styles — she pillages gangsta rap, Hot Topic emo, mall grunge, goth balladry, fusing all the noise that keeps her awake. She ...Read More
"Twenty years ago, the idea of free music was so compelling that up to 80m users downloaded Napster and broke the law. The aftershocks are still being felt today"
“More than its fresh sound — a fusing of metal with punk — more than articulating a generation’s disillusionment with capitalist culture, the appeal of grunge, for me, was this: It reflected and ennobled the blue-collar world I knew.”
An excerpt from Jia Tolentino’s upcoming book - an essay on growing up religious and discovering lean, ecstasy and chopped & screwed
This site, is a curated online broadcasting platform dedicated to experimental music. The radio channel features a compilation of modern atmospheric music with tracks from twenty-two international artists, musicians, and producers who contributed this to this release. Some amazing sounds in here, trying to bring awareness to music projects/archives/libraries ...Read More
"It's funny how we're taught everything comes from the edges in instead of the inside out" I profiled dancer-choreographer Bobbi Jene Smith for the Cut. She's presenting new work at La MaMa through til Sunday