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“There’s another, entirely logical explanation for why stores have run out of toilet paper — one that has gone oddly overlooked in the vast majority of media coverage. It has nothing to do with psychology and everything to do with supply ...Read More

"As coronavirus leads to lockdowns across the world, capitalism will be forced to face its Achilles heel: the vast mountain of global debt."

”My current “optimistic case” is that the current bear market will ultimately be classified merely in the “moderate” category. In accordance with this particular analysis, this would imply a trough for the current bear market cycle in the ...Read More

"1901 Cartoon: “Wall Street bubbles – Always the same“ American financier J. P. Morgan is depicted as a bull, blowing soap bubbles for eager investors   What Will the “Corona Virus Correction” Reveal? It’s only when the tide goes out that ...Read More

“The U.S. oil and gas industry has about $86 billion of rated debt due in the next four years, according to Moody’s. Nearly all of that debt is either junk rated, or rated just above junk. Fifty-seven percent of that is due in just the ...Read More

Rising inequality is eroding trust in democratic societies and paving the way for authoritarian and nativist regimes to take root, according to a dire new report from the United Nations.

UN suggesting countries take measures against income ...Read More

“It will take considerable time — perhaps several quarters — before we can be confident that the virus has been contained. It will take even longer for the global economy to recover its footing.”

Breaking: The Fed cut its benchmark rate by a half percentage point, delivering a booster shot to stem potential economic disruptions from the coronavirus.

The basic principle of M.M.T. is seductively simple: governments don’t have to budget like households, worrying about debt, because, unlike households, they can simply print their own money. So M.M.T. proposes that the constraint on ...Read More

"New Census data reveals nearly 3 million U.S. homes and 13 million apartment units are now owned by LLC, LLP and other corporate vehicles."

Will we see dollar hedgemony truely challenged in the coming decade or will it strengthen its grip in an uncertain world or during another economic crisis?

Its use a weapon has been prolific in recent years decimating "rouge states" ...Read More

”Warren Buffett Hates It. AOC Is for It. A Beginner’s Guide to Modern Monetary Theory.”

great MMT overview

""We believe that sustainability should be our new standard for investing," BlackRock CEO Larry Fink says. The investment giant's move puts pressure on companies to reduce reliance on fossil fuels."