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"Acting in the tradition of non-violent direct action and civil disobedience, proponents of Electronic Civil Disobedience are borrowing the tactics of trespass and blockade from these earlier social movements and are applying them to the ...Read More

Historically speaking it’s also the 99th anniversary of the lynching and destruction of Tulsa Oklahoma’s Black Wall St. with more than 300 black-owned businesses in 1920. This is very relevant as economic resiliency has been intentionally ...Read More

Download 'The End of Policing' by Alex Vitale as a free ebook on Verso Books.

"As Alex Vitale argues in The End of Policing, recent years have seen an explosion of protest against police brutality and repression. Among activists, ...Read More

This piece from 2016 is still quite relevant. “One of the falsehoods in the Clinton speech was the implied equivalency between civil resistance and insurgency. This is an autocrat’s favorite con, the explanation for the violent suppression ...Read More

The Power of Crowds: By Dan Hancox

"It’s very, very convenient for dominant and powerful groups,” Stott says. “It pathologises, decontextualises and renders meaningless crowd violence, and therefore legitimises its repression.” As Stott ...Read More

America’s Social Contract Is Broken. The protests across the country are about more than police violence.

"These people obviously do not care about what is going on in this country. It has become a commonplace to describe America as a ...Read More

James Baldwin: How to Cool It. Read the landmark 1968 Q&A on race in America.

"They have made no attempt, whatever, any of them, as far as I know, really to explain to the American people that the black cat in the streets wants to protect ...Read More

"As people in the Twin Cities woke up to a devastated city this weekend, state and local officials pushed the idea that the damage was mostly ...Read More

From 2014: Modern American police forces evolved out of fugitive slave patrols, working to literally keep property from escaping its owners. The history of the police in America is the history of black people being violently prevented from ...Read More

"The term “facial recognition” typically refers to technology that can identify your entire face. How that recognition happens can vary, and can include infrared or lidar technology. Either way, you…"

“In solidarity with protestors, union bus drivers in Minneapolis signed a petition and refused to transport police officers and arrested protestors to jail on Thursday, PayDay Report first reported and independently confirmed by ...Read More