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These memes make clear the tacit fact beneath every anxious conversation since mid-March: there is no going back to normal. How ridiculous virtue-signaling careerists look now, ...Read More

The long read: ‘We can’t go back to normal’: how will coronavirus change the world? By Peter C Baker.

"Because crises shape history, there are hundreds of thinkers who have devoted their lives to studying how they unfold. This work – what ...Read More

a slightly more challenging paragraph from the article:

"Supply chain capitalism principles—reliance on outsourced labor, an emphasis on just-in-time delivery, faith in data-driven decision-making, pursuit of economies of scale—have ...Read More

"The first sentence of Achille Mbembe’s essay “Necropolitics” (2003) begins with the assertion that “the ultimate expression of"

How We Use Our Bodies to Navigate a Pandemic Your partner is a stranger, and the sidewalk is a stage.

“Now the choreography of the streets has taken on higher stakes. It’s the difference between health and sickness, life and death. Inside ...Read More

Beyond the Breakdown: Three Meditations on a Possible Aftermath by Franco “Bifo” Berardi.

"The Earth is rebelling against the world, and the agents of planet Earth are floods, fires, and most of all critters." ...Read More

I found this helpful in cutting through the COVID-19 noise. You can see the MIT engineer behind it and the data sources on the "About" page.

"As coronavirus leads to lockdowns across the world, capitalism will be forced to face its Achilles heel: the vast mountain of global debt."

Toby Shorin & friends take a look at how culture will transform post COVID-19.

"These circumstances call for a more serious reevaluation. The pandemic has fractured the discourse, exposing how many layers of assumptions formed the ...Read More