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always wondered how effective surveillance derived instagram ads for things we already own can really be
"Economists, for obvious reasons, can’t be completely oblivious to the role of banks, but they have spent much of the twentieth century arguing about what actually happens when someone applies for a loan. One school insists that banks transfer existing funds from their reserves, another that they produce new money, The one thing it never seemed to occur to anyone to do was to get a job at a bank, and find out what actually happens when someone asks to borrow money. In 2014 a German economist named Richard Werner did exactly that, and discovered that, in fact, loan officers ...Read More
"The app is intended to supplement mainstream social network platform broadcasts by mobilizing smaller, localized groups of supporters to carry out peaceful acts of civil disobedience all over Catalonia." "There is clearly a huge challenge for decentralized movements (and indeed technologies) when it comes to creating legitimate governance structures that don’t simply repeat the hierarchies of the existing (centralized) authorities and systems they’re seeking to challenge."
"The platforms on which much of this disinformation is being spread are not owned by Kenyans, are not controlled by Kenyans. So what does accountability for political misinformation look like when a British company uses an American platform to influence political discourse in a Kenyan election, [and] that results in ...Read More
Rachel Rabbit White interview with Sophia Giovannitti for the Brooklyn Rail. Porn Carnival is Rachel’s first full-length book of poetry, an expansive meditation on both the exhaustion of selling erotic labor under capitalism, and the joyful possibilities of world-building outside of the confines of heteronormative society. She engages with the trap of proximity to money, when access to that money is ...Read More
"When Morales started working for Ecuador, he was a small contractor with big ambitions. It was precisely the presence of Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy that offered him the chance to develop his business. Witnesses reconstructed how Morales put himself at the service of American intelligence to spy on ...Read More
Editorial by one of the two scientists who first discovered that CRISPR could be used for genome editing.
"It’s a reward for hacktivists and criminals who break into capitalist institutions, offered by one of the most infamous hackers of all time."
In this interview, editor Nora Khan spoke to media theorist Fred Turner about the tech industry’s frontier puritanism, the myth of “neutrality,” and the idealist art on Facebook’s Menlo Park campus. Here are excerpts: "But something has changed since then: Individualism and attention to identity are sources of elite power right now. Facebook’s mission is entirely consonant with identity politics. It precisely helped people break apart identities and become even more factional in identity. They give clear terms for this expression, they just market ...Read More
Birth rates seem incredibly difficult to explain. There are so many dimensions--changing expectations, government policies, diverse cultures and economies--that a explanatory or predictive theory feels out of reach. One thing I don't understand: if the reason isn't "ugly nativism," why should we care about falling birthrates at all? We're always complaining about wasteful consumption and praising open immigration, so why should rich countries be scared of falling birth rates? I understand the personal desire--I just had a kid ...Read More
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