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An art critic's take on the waiting room of the soul, LIMBO BY DAN FOX. "Limbo does feel like the arch-metaphor for our age of extremities: one where a majority of the world’s population is more accustomed to stagnancy, disorder, and statelessness than the clichéd ideals of growth, efficiency, and security. For those of us who have accepted the former as the only way things ...Read More
We’re excited to announce the official launch of the Relevant Token +💰BETTING MODE💰- a new zero stakes betting game that rewards users for predicting the Relevance of posts. Learn more about our mission to build a user-owned network and find out how you can earn a piece of Relevant in our latest blog post🔝 ...Read More
"The larger question, of course, is why the people steering a high-end skin-care brand want to market their products with jokes about dog behavior, among other seemingly random topics. Walia says that beyond simple engagement, brands want to seem more human. “It helps them as a thought exercise to think ...Read More
„The proposed bill has similar concern to Europe’s Article 11 and 13, both heavily criticized for using A.I algorithms to detect copyright infringement, and even taxing posting a hyperlink. The US’ DARPA is also developing AI to detect “deep-fake” videos and audio, though some have expressed concern even memes ...Read More
"A Guardian investigation can reveal those messages were part of a covert plot to control some of Facebook’s largest far-right pages, including one linked to a rightwing terror group, and create a commercial enterprise that harvests Islamophobic hate for profit. This group is now using its 21-page network to churn out more than 1,000 coordinated faked news posts per week to more than 1 million followers, funnelling audiences to a cluster of 10 ad-heavy websites and milking the traffic for profit".
“They understand fully the stakes at hand, and the blunt courage being activated by this generation. The movement in Iraq represents the true kind of inclusive, nationwide climate change movement that Western campaigns ostensibly aspire to. They include strikes from nearly every sector, from teachers’ unions to engineers, and enjoy ...Read More
Published in January of 2018, but sent to me recently by a friend. "I believe we need our educational system to engage students with issues of ethics and responsibility in science and technology. We should treat required arts and humanities courses not as some vague attempt to “broaden minds” but ...Read More
“Jurassic butterflies disappeared a full 45 million years before the first caterpillar decided to grow up and become a beautiful butterfly—again”
I can't remember the last time I saw a plate of food or a celebrity on this app. let's not forget the element of self-determination in these filter bubbles lol.
An emotive article about how Hmong refugees use older technologies to connect with one another and find their place in the world. There are also interesting parallels to modern day social networks, complete with scammers and the drubbing of others. ...Read More
More bullshit from the Cato Institute and Koch Industries. The article attributes the millennial generation's exodus from American cities to high taxes on liquor, without addressing the racial demographics of that exodus or any of the economic circumstances (deregulated housing, insurance, etc.) that make millennial tenancy so vulnerable. The Federalist ...Read More
"THE HARD PROBLEM, DAVID CHALMERS CALLS IT: Why are the physical processes of the brain “accompanied by an experienced inner life?” How and why is there something it is like to be you and me, in Thomas Nagel’s formulation? I’ve been reading around in the field of consciousness studies for "My own intuition, for what little it’s worth, is that consciousness really is something extra—not (or not only) physical, not reducible to physical properties. I’m with Chalmers thus far, though I happily follow Nagel even further: “Conscious subjects and their mental lives are inescapable components of reality not describable by ...Read More
“The problem is not really that Marantz is playing to an older, establishment-oriented audience. It’s that he’s adopted that audience’s most dubious presuppositions: that the allure of right-wing politics lies naturally in their transgressive thrill, or that the media establishment of the late twentieth century was flawed but preferable to ...Read More