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"The indignities of the gig economy are well established at this point, as the laissez-faire labor practices of companies like Uber, Instacart, Door Dash, and Lyft draw more critical scrutiny. Bain, Cotton, and their fellow shoppers are among the millions of precariously employed workers who rely on part-time jobs or But what is less widely acknowledged is how the gig economy interacts with other trends in California and forces unleashed by Silicon Valley... " ...Read More
Wow, this poor guy. He was in part arrested because Google location data suggested he was at the scene of the murder after police requested a dragnet (geofencing) from Google about people who devices were located in the area at the time of the murder. However, this article shows how that data is not reliable. Even when the police were faced with a rock solid alibi for his whereabouts, they kept him in a high security jail for another 3 days! This episode cost him his job, his car and now he can't get work! ...Read More
"Patrick Fisher fell to his death in February 2018, as he was trying to get away from police who were coming through the apartment door to arrest him."
"When 11 Jews were gunned down at the Tree of Life synagogue on Oct. 27, the alt-right greeted the news of the massacre with macabre celebrations, sick jokes and memes quoting the shooter’s final Gab…"
"Gender norms compound the trauma for men who are victims of rape and sexual abuse. It’s time to give them support, says Guardian columnist Owen Jones" This feels so important as cultures everywhere deal with male mental health and trauma issues and combatting destructive gender norms.
Jennifer Schaffer on Anna Wiener's memoir inside a tech startup, 'Uncanny Valley' "Any honest memoir of the 2010s in San Francisco is, in some sense, a memoir of loss: the get-rich-quick manufacture of millionaires has come at the cost of reckless destruction, the ripple effects of which were felt nationwide during the 2016 election, where Wiener ends her tale. But Uncanny Valley ...Read More
"Omar Hassan surveys world politics at the turn of the decade, with a focus on the exhilarating return of mass revolutionary struggle."
Interview with one of the French translators of Emma Goldman's work on how her writing continues to inspire contemporary social change.
Short piece satirizing the "Black Feminist Man" "Sorry we didn’t get a chance to meet up to discuss my article (that you inspired!). I’m sure you’ll see it when it comes out. The real reason I’m writing is because I saw your piece in the N** Y*** T****. Wow! Do you know somebody there? I’ve been trying ...Read More
Interesting thoughts on the concept of "Intellectual debt" and it ramifications to systems such as AI where iteration upon unexplained correlations may become problematic and leave systems open to failures and adversarial gaming. ...Read More
“We see a name, implicitly associate different characteristics with it, and use that association, however unknowingly, to make unrelated judgments about the competence and suitability of its bearer. The relevant question may not be “What’s in a name?” but, rather, “What signals does my name send—and what does it imply?”
from February, 2019, in the aftermath of Californian wildfires: "Despite all the pictures of devastation circulating online with each new wildfire, we face the insufficiency of the image. Frozen and flattened, images of fire present a misleading visual field of aesthetic contemplation. Framed and objectified, they offer only a privileged sort of distanced voyeurism, a reassuring domination of disaster, ...Read More
A central class divide between care-givers and administrators now runs directly through the middle of most parties on the left. Excellent post-Corbyn post-mortem.
Inadequate public water infrastructure and climate change have created an opening in Nepal and elsewhere for private operations delivering water (often low quality or contaminated) at exorbitant prices to desperate people. It's the emergence of an ecosystem of vested interests both on the private side (growing monopoly over water access) ...Read More