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A hotter, more extreme climate can mean more profits in cooling homes, managing scarce water, building seawalls against rising water levels, and coaxing food crops to grow in drier, less fertile soil. Disgusting.
I don’t see what point this author is trying to make. Yeah. The world is f***ing terrifying. Yeah kids are anxious. Yeah we know that the future we were promised no longer exists. Like, no sh*t we’re anxious 🙄
"Welcome to The Onyx Report with Dr. T. Hasan Johnson, a critical analysis-based show focusing on the experiences, histories, and perceptions of Black males i..."
"Racial equity has never been more important in the rarified worlds of art and fashion. Yet both industries’ commitment runs only skin deep. While Abloh enjoys unparalleled success, brilliantly inventive African-American designers like Telfar Clemens and Shayne Oliver are struggling to maintain their creative independence. Clemens’s eponymous brand Telfar and ...Read More
Interview with Mckenzie Wark about her latest book; Capital is Dead (2019). "In Capital (1867), Marx identified the ruling class as those who controlled the means of production. In Capital is Dead (2019), Mckenzie Wark proposes that a new form of class exploitation has emerged, headed by a ruling class they term the "vectoralists" - those who own and control the means ...Read More
Marcus Gilroy Ware has a brilliant section talking about this in his book on Capitalism, Emotion, and Social Media from Repeater Books.
The Oversight Board is fundamentally a bet by Facebook that the legitimacy of its decisions matters—and matters more than getting its way on every question. As other platforms seem to double down on the idea that they do not need to publicly explain their decisions or abide by their own ...Read More
"This tool, called Digital Recognition Network (DRN), is not run by a government, although law enforcement can also access it. Instead, DRN is a private surveillance system crowdsourced by hundreds of repo men who have installed cameras that passively scan, capture, and upload the license plates of every car they ...Read More
"In aviation, the black box is a source of knowledge: a receptacle of crucial data that might help investigators understand catastrophe. In technology, a black box is the absence of knowledge: a catchall term describing an algorithmic system with mechanics its creators can’t—or won’t—explain. Algorithms, in this telling, are unknowable, ...Read More
“America has already witnessed the largest UBI experiment known to history — the postwar middle-class housewife. And she was utterly miserable.” Amber Frost on the follies of the Yang Gang.
Such a quality article with strong, clear ideas. This part really struck me: “Decomputerization doesn’t mean no computers. It means that not all spheres of life should be rendered into data and computed upon. Ubiquitous “smartness” largely serves to enrich and empower the few at the expense of the many, while inflicting ecological harm that will threaten the survival and flourishing of billions ...Read More