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The civil war never really touched us… Hard to get fruit for a while, hard to get corn for a while. You know how it is…I woke up the next day and it was Monday, and I wondered if it meant I had to go into work. I mean, the ...Read More
"These essays all borrow from more substantive and radical criticisms of marketing made decades ago, like in Naomi Klein’s No Logo, or the countercultural magazine Adbusters. But most of them come to conclusions that feel curiously flat. While these earlier works advocated boycotts and protesting, “this thing is late capitalism” ...Read More
Tax Justice Network has released their 2020 Financial Secrecy Index. The US tops the list as the second biggest provider of international financial secrecy. "A global industry has developed involving the world's biggest banks, law practices, accounting firms and specialist providers who design and market secretive offshore structures for their Full report on USA: ...Read More
Against Quarantine: How responses to the new corona virus territorialize disease and capitalize on a virus. "Measures other than quarantine have been found much more effective in preventing widespread contagion. In a lengthy review of the research on the comparative effectiveness of a number of measures (short of vaccines and antiviral drugs) to prevent the transmission of respiratory viruses—screening at entry ports, medical isolation, quarantine, social ...Read More
“The Housewife: (1) the erotics of subjective abandonment in housewife status, or the sexualization of dissociation I’m terming here “fucking like a Housewife”; (2) how trauma attaches to Her, and what tools are or could be made available for Her reckoning with it; and (3) to what extent such a “To the final point, what I am also asking here is: Are trans women de facto alienated from these structures, or is there a path toward reimagining the Housewife beyond the bounds of cisness, whiteness, and subjection under late-capitalist variations on the family? In some sense, this is also a ...Read More
"What changes when you stop reading news that’s written by trained professionals — written on the static and finite surface of paper, using a process that few can afford — and start reading news in an online setting (which creates contrasting conditions)? It is not just the structure of the information we call news and the people who create it that changes — the area surrounding the news also changes. And this is where content-corrupting signals come into play."
“From its earliest days, Google urged employees to “act like owners” and pipe up in all manner of forums, from mailing lists to its meme generator to open-ended question-and-answer sessions with top executives, known as T.G.I.F. It was part of what it meant to be “Googley,” one of the company’s Over the past year, however, Google has appeared to clamp down. It has gradually scaled back opportunities for employees to grill their bosses and imposed a set of workplace guidelines that forbid “a raging debate over politics or the latest news story.” It has tried to prevent workers from discussing ...Read More
Long before his murder spree, Whitey Bulger was dosed with LSD 50 times in the context of the MK-Ultra experiments. Nerd shit: this is how several of America’s most famous serial killers got started. Mainstream reporting has all but confirmed that both the Unabomber ( and Charles Manson ( were vets of the CIA’s famous mind control experiments.
It is midway through February 2020 and a novel coronavirus (2019nCoV) is threatening to break out of containment in China. And I have a bad feeling about it.
"The normalization of surveillance by a range of widely adopted and readily available technologies have opened the way for insurance companies to insert themselves straight into our homes, cars, and bodies, thus gaining further abilities to assess our lifestyles and adjust our behaviors. In essence, they conflate a form of ...Read More