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Buzzfeed founder and CEO Jonah Peretti speak to a16z's Chris Dixon about modes of innovation, internet, past/future and how they will drive "the future of the Internet." He is apparently a huge fan of ...Read More

Curious to see how/if this plays out 👇

"Filecoin has been 2 1/2 years in development since the project was funded in the summer of 2017. The launch of the testnet signals that the research and design phase is over and the protocol is now ...Read More

Been working on this weird thing MetaGame. "A Massive Online Coordination Game" Think social media meets freelancing meet role playing games... It should make a lot more sense after you read the thread on it, there's links for more in-depth ...Read More

"The Web3 ecosystem is incredibly diverse on many dimensions, on the types of problems being solved, locations of the teams, economic models they’re employing, and more. That the Web3 stack is coming together despite the fact that there ...Read More

Came across a REALLY cool project in Sardinia this weekend called Sardex.

"Sardex is a regional business-to-business (B2B) "commercial credit circuit," or "credit club" - a members-only network that allows local Sardinian small and ...Read More

“What we are creating now is the same siloed infrastructure we see in non web3 technologies.”

I also agree with this sentiment. There’s a tendency for VC backed companies to develop “siloed” solutions in an effort to “landgrab” value. ...Read More

This is an older article but it's such a good fulcrum for the "funding open-source" conversation. It states the need for rewarding maintainers and explores the OSS funding space.

I think funding open-source is top of mine for everyone ...Read More

Been following Aragon's progress for a while. I'm really excited to see this launch. The fundraising app will be a great testing bed for continuous organizations, emergent ...Read More

Also - here was their awesome product demo from this years NYC Blockchain Week. Instant browser-based wallet, no ETH or GAS required + no fees, and instant transactions.... for alcohol. V ...Read More

THREAD I wanted to do a general recap of the recent MakerDAO drama that went down because it was pretty crazy and imo, didn't get the attention that it needs.

It all started with this article from The Block + a leaked legal letter that ...Read More

This is interesting but I’m very skeptical if this is secure enough to be used for lending... (this is what the company is considering using this mechanism for).

TCRs are easy to corrupt, especially if there are extrinsic incentives to do ...Read More

We deployed the ENS permanent registrar yesterday 😊🎉 The original registrar processed over 1.3 million transactions throughout its 2-year existence 😳

There's been a lot of talk recently about funding teams building crypto projects. Here's how we're thinking about it at the Ethereum Name Service (ENS).