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"DeFi has reached escape velocity. Now that the primitives are here, we are experiencing a combinatorial explosion of new products, driven by the endless creativity of the Ethereum community. It can feel impossible to keep up with all the ...Read More

"The current state of affairs concerning Bitcoin and the end user assurances/usability. The article examines assurance the network provides at each stage from acquisition to divestment."

Zooko had a hot take on Facebook's venture into crypto (that I'm trying to figure out is a meme or not...)

Sifting through the thread and found these super strong arguements on why we should be scared ...Read More

Also - here was their awesome product demo from this years NYC Blockchain Week. Instant browser-based wallet, no ETH or GAS required + no fees, and instant transactions.... for alcohol. V ...Read More

THREAD I wanted to do a general recap of the recent MakerDAO drama that went down because it was pretty crazy and imo, didn't get the attention that it needs.

It all started with this article from The Block + a leaked legal letter that ...Read More