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DigixDAO winds itself down with a vote by token holders with a pretty nice USD profit for all holders. They kept the burn rate of the actual underlying ETH low as well Imho.

The projects results ask questions of the limits of Goverance in ...Read More

A lot of people are making a big of deal out of this article yet it says so little about the named "friendly fork".

First of all, it's not even decided if it's a state fork or a code fork which makes a whole lot of different behind the ...Read More

"While ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens required a new smart contract deployed for each new “class” of token, the core concept behind ERC-1155 is that a single smart contract can govern an infinite number of tokens."

“What we are creating now is the same siloed infrastructure we see in non web3 technologies.”

I also agree with this sentiment. There’s a tendency for VC backed companies to develop “siloed” solutions in an effort to “landgrab” value. ...Read More

I've observed a noticeably shift in language regarding #dao experiments - "digital cooperatives" and "continuous organizations" have been popping up more and more on my feed.

@jessewldn just laid down a great thread outlining, basically, ...Read More

After meeting folks from #connext and #celernetwork this weekend at #ETHNY I dove deep into State Channels. Started with this #whitepaper .

Anybody else have other reading recommendations?

Also - here was their awesome product demo from this years NYC Blockchain Week. Instant browser-based wallet, no ETH or GAS required + no fees, and instant transactions.... for alcohol. V ...Read More

"ProgPoW is an attack on the economic incentive to build an ASIC, not an attack on the ability to build one."

Great and thorough analysis of attack vectors of early curation market designs and are the considerations that informed our design.

As Vitalik concludes, identity is the ultimate solution, but I do believe there exists a design space for ...Read More