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"The main principles of dynamic governance are known as consent, circles, and double-linking. In contrast to consensus, where everyone must agree on a decision, consent is reached when there are no remaining paramount objections. When a ...Read More

This is an older article but it's such a good fulcrum for the "funding open-source" conversation. It states the need for rewarding maintainers and explores the OSS funding space.

I think funding open-source is top of mine for everyone ...Read More

After meeting folks from #connext and #celernetwork this weekend at #ETHNY I dove deep into State Channels. Started with this #whitepaper .

Anybody else have other reading recommendations?

I’m posting this in case anyone hasn’t come across the book yet. Fred Wilson of Union Square ventures references the framework often. It formed the Union Square Ventures investment thesis.

It’s also helped me make sense of the past few ...Read More