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I guess this article is a bit like the "drama" of crypto. Many of these lawsuits seem fundamental, or just people with pyramids but was surprised to see someone on this list that I personally know.
Varios funcionarios del gobierno de EE. UU. En altos cargos, incluido el Presidente, afirmaron recientemente que la criptomoneda no es una buena forma de pagar los bienes y servicios. Si bien algunos analistas dicen que esto detuvo una carrera alcista en 2019, ¿es cierto que estas palabras realmente tienen un ...Read More
SEC came down hard on Kik. This is the first SEC come-down I've seen in a while. Do we think we'll see more in the space? How will it impact the ecosystem? Full briefing here: ...Read More
"The larger lesson of an ongoing Ethereum crime spree: Be careful about who's generating your cryptocurrency keys."
Is Argent the future of digital currency wallets? With its use of ENS addresses and Guardians it seems to offer solutions that will further adoption of cryptocurrencies.
SEC called and said your token is a security. This framework isn't much of a surprise, and is pretty conservative. Not much room for utility tokens, with the exception of perhaps stable utility tokens. Even giving away tokens via bounties or airdrops is a potential sale of securities, footnote 9: "airdrop may constitute a sale or distribution of securities". This makes me miss the days of speculating about what is and isn't a utility token with Token Foundry a year ago... :\ ...Read More
This is not specific to Crypto, but security. Also, the comments on how certain exploits are avoided on Instagram remind me of some ideas present in Edward Platt's (in Building Consensus Through Deliberation) observations on how information moves through groups of different sizes. Quotes: ...Read More