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“As algorithmically manufactured recollection on platforms continues to take hold, we must ask what memories are left on the outskirts. What experiences are illegible to or unvalued by a commercial system? What does it mean for our subjectivities at large that we are all building our memories around same scaffolding?”
i guess this is the tactic uber is using to dehumanize the ride experience in order to ease into driverless cars. disgusting
It is a difficult message: that our blood is different, red and white cells both. When it comes to finding stem cells for bone marrow transplants, the search has to be equally discriminatory. This time the issue is HLA, the human leukocyte antigens present in white blood cells.
The trend towards private group chats is a reprieve from the social media noise but it may not so great for public discourse. Fun read exploring both sides of the coin. “The key advantage of the group chat is that “social graph” of your friend network exists in your head, and not only on a server in Iceland, which means you can easily abandon one platform for another without any trouble — or, as most of us do, occupy many platforms ...Read More
It's good to know about transitive inference, even if your not a wasp. And a good title for a work of art.
The US is sending another warship and more missiles to the Middle East amid Iran tensions
Amanda Macias, Chief Mass Communication Specialist Eric Powell | US Navy, Department of Defense ↗︎
"If we want a healthier information environment, we need to design scalable content-based business models that depend on trust."
“Rouhani has been under intense domestic political pressure to produce some kind of counter-measure following the US withdrawal. Tehran has lost patience with Europe’s efforts to create a new viable financial mechanism that would allow European firms to continue trading items such as medicines and humanitarian goods with Iran and circumvent US secondary sanctions. ...Read More