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Chatting about why we're building Relevant on Tank Magazine... "Right now we have an overabundance of populist metrics online and not enough hierarchical structures that can help us navigate the digital world. That’s the void that Relevant is trying to fill." ...Read More
i guess this is the tactic uber is using to dehumanize the ride experience in order to ease into driverless cars. disgusting
The trend towards private group chats is a reprieve from the social media noise but it may not so great for public discourse. Fun read exploring both sides of the coin. “The key advantage of the group chat is that “social graph” of your friend network exists in your head, and not only on a server in Iceland, which means you can easily abandon one platform for another without any trouble — or, as most of us do, occupy many platforms ...Read More
"If we want a healthier information environment, we need to design scalable content-based business models that depend on trust."
“Rouhani has been under intense domestic political pressure to produce some kind of counter-measure following the US withdrawal. Tehran has lost patience with Europe’s efforts to create a new viable financial mechanism that would allow European firms to continue trading items such as medicines and humanitarian goods with Iran and circumvent US secondary sanctions. ...Read More
Is woke the new hipster. In an moment where politics and aesthetics are rapidly mediated and abandoned on platforms, is the woke political subject the most niche identity, always finding new causes, an endless (re)configuration of politics.
Fascinating look into 80s Bernie / the Vermont media was dead set against him so he turned to public access and self broadcasting
Most probably Maduro will leave to Havana. A lot of pressure is not on the Venezuelean military. I expect a division within the military pro and against Maduro. Russia and China will continue to support Maduro for their own interest but at the end of the day, South America is ...Read More
"The positive spin on recycling also helps undermine legal efforts to reduce plastic production, said Dell: “Companies are promoting the recycling of products so they’re not banned.”"
Question 👉 What keeps you coming back to Relevant? Now that Relevant’s been out for a while, what keeps you coming back? ...Read More
I'm enjoying the overall high quality of the content without all the noise that can accompany such content in other settings. I have genuinely learnt from relevant articles which is great. I'm also fascinated to see how TCRs work out so what better way than to partake in them!