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Wenyan-lang uses both traditional Chinese characters and classical Chinese grammar. One challenge in developing the language was how classical Chinese does not use spaces to divide sentences into words, “so how to split a sentence is a task of the reader and not the writer”
"This is not a matter of the industry becoming more conservative as it has assumed more power and has more to gain from preserving the status quo. For all its celebration of disruption and innovation, the tech industry has always tended to serve existing power relations. In a 1985 interview ...Read More
“Mark doesn’t trust people. When he gets attacked in the media, it reinforces that distrust, which reinforces a bunker mentality at Facebook, and pretty soon you’re in an infinite loop,” The first four words of this statement about a person who created an online community is pretty disheartening.
“Michael 'Mad Mike' Hughes tragically passed away today during an attempt to launch his homemade rocket.” [While attempting to prove the world is flat, not round.]
Good article. Definitely worth reading if you like Relevant as a platform. I’m not sure yet if I think the definition of “content” provided in the article is sufficient enough long term, but at any rate, I still definitely appreciate the goals & efforts of the article as a whole. I think it’s safe to say that any users of Relevant should definitely be keeping their eyes out for otito, I know that I am. ...Read More
"The normalization of surveillance by a range of widely adopted and readily available technologies have opened the way for insurance companies to insert themselves straight into our homes, cars, and bodies, thus gaining further abilities to assess our lifestyles and adjust our behaviors. In essence, they conflate a form of ...Read More
“Woodrow Hartzog, a law and computer science professor at Northeastern University, doesn’t think privacy armor is the solution to our modern woes. “It creates an arms race, and consumers will lose in that race,” he said. “Any of these things is a half-measure or a stopgap. There will always be a way around it.” ...Read More
“A set of assumptions have fed directly into emotion detection technologies, one being the tendency to treat facial expressions as a stable code for emotions”