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Interesting thoughts on the concept of "Intellectual debt" and it ramifications to systems such as AI where iteration upon unexplained correlations may become problematic and leave systems open to failures and adversarial gaming. ...Read More
As I read this, I couldn't help but think about when DJing and the beats aren't properly matched and slowly go out of time, and as an audience member without quite realising what's happening, its as if you are pushed out of the trance into a space of dissonance.
“We are now in the mature stage of a book-to-film boom that is quietly transforming how Americans read and tell stories, and not for the better.”
"Many of the internet’s commodified social spaces weaponize a basic need to connect with others, mechanizing a fundamentally human desire in closely surveilled corridors. Rather than facilitating connections between people, privately-held platforms redesign the internet in capital’s image, boxing time and attention into commodified forms and compelling us to produce ...Read More
“Who will account for the creepy crawlies and the drab species? These are some of the questions underlying the scientific community’s increasing reliance on crowdsourced environmental data.”
We've looked to the stars, used crystal balls and dealt the cards in efforts to better understand and find meaning in our world. Now people are divining from lines of code in the form of "Algo Seance" "In ancient Greece, someone seeking guidance may have turned to an oracle like the one at Delphi – a point of pilgrimage for those seeking help and advice. Today, technology is fulfilling that function as truth is increasingly conflated with mathematical proofs within our machines. Artificial intelligence networks are making ...Read More
“Many influencers prefer the short-term rental structure of Airbnb, in part because obtaining a lease can be tough when you’re young and have an unpredictable income. But unfortunately many Airbnbs in Los Angeles have a no-filming rule. (Homeowners worry about, among other things, tripods scratching the floors and the potential property damage that comes with YouTube stunts.) ...Read More
This wet-noodle 'journalism' has to stop. This article presents the 'technosphere' as a non-aligned, neutral productive force which operates to some extent at the whim of consumers but with an irresistible internal logic to grow. This growth is achieved at the expense of the environment. ...Read More
“As economist David Autor argues, responding to John Maynard Keynes’ Depression-era speculation on automated luxury futures, automation will never be “full.” Rather than a complete replacement of tasks, automation reorganizes work, polarizing job assignments.”
"Over the past decade or so, an array of venture-backed companies have emerged from the ooze of Silicon Valley armed with a single goal: to give people like me—relatively young, relatively (but not too) affluent, in possession of some degree of “taste”—temporary access to nice things they wouldn’t otherwise be Clothing rental services ushered in the new rental economy. Where parasitic rent-to-own businesses stepped into the aftermath after the financial crisis to fleece the already vulnerable, several startups now target more well-off consumers to rent pricey mid-century modern furniture; organic, high thread-count sheets; and expensive kitchen appliances like KitchenAids and ...Read More
“I also watched MIT (...) [hosting a talk by] the former secretary of state and notorious war criminal, and giving input on the U.S. Department of Defense’s “AI Ethics Principles” for warfare, which embraced “permissibly biased” algorithms and which avoided using the word “fairness” because the Pentagon believes “that fights ...Read More
“The illusion of a city is carefully constructed atop a vast apparatus that exists primarily to organize capital, labor, and profit.” Another great piece on Sidewalk Labs and Quayside, their planned Toronto neighborhood.