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“Anything that offers success in our unjust society without trying to change it is not revolutionary – it just helps people cope. In fact, it could also be making things worse. Instead of encouraging radical action, mindfulness says the causes of suffering are disproportionately inside us, not in the political ...Read More
Eh... Quillette consistently leaves a bad taste in my mouth. The writing is just nuanced enough to provide some valid points in order sound smart, but always with enough omissions and mental acrobatics (or incompetence?) to feed the alt-right trolls. Here is my take on male disposability: The main source of violence against men are power structures — nation states, corporations, etc etc. Power structures target men because societies are patriarchal and men are the ones that hold power. So framing it as violence against men is dubious, its violence against communities with less power. There are ...Read More
"“When do we ever get to be boys?” It is a question that Ava DuVernay’s masterpiece When They See Us asked in a gripping preview to a four-part series based on t…"
A look at the interplay between beef and colonialism in America: ‘"Cattle ranchers and bison hunters, supported by the U.S. military, fundamentally reshaped the Great Plains, expelling American Indians from western lands and appropriating that land for use by white settlers and ranchers.” Without this process of extermination and colonization, he says, beef’s emergence as a staple of the American diet ...Read More
"At the country level, among developed countries, there is no relationship between energy use and development. Further, for all countries with normal economies, the less energy-intensive is a country’s economy, the happier are its people."
“As algorithmically manufactured recollection on platforms continues to take hold, we must ask what memories are left on the outskirts. What experiences are illegible to or unvalued by a commercial system? What does it mean for our subjectivities at large that we are all building our memories around same scaffolding?”
George Monbiot thinking through the psychopathology necessary to lead our toxic societies. “In designing an effective politics, it could be useful to work backwards: to decide what kind of people we would like to see representing us, then create a system that would bring them to the fore. I want ...Read More
“Matos’s transition from a victim and perpetrator of the opioid epidemic to a front-line defender against it is a common one. Increasingly, medical providers and community groups are hiring rehabilitated people to help those coming up behind them.”
“Scorah, by untangling and exposing the mechanisms that once held her, offers a path for others to imagine new and unexpectedly hopeful futures for themselves, despite the fear and grief that accompany such a transition.”
“Such lifestyles may appear marginally efficient, but they are, by and large, a convenient by-product of shifting social and ecological costs to those less privileged both locally and globally.” #altwoke #climate #environment #vegan
Very frequently [Left Ecomodernists] imagine a totally post-work world, creating the conditions for a new utopia: Fully Automated Luxury Communism…Geographer Matt Huber, for example, claims that… "Capitalism has produced the first society where the vast majority need not work in agriculture. A reversal of this is not politically possible or Author: Max Ajl holds a PhD in Development Sociology from Cornell University and works on the Tunisian national liberation movement and post-colonial development in the Arab world. ...Read More
Another close look at the close relationship between youtube algorithms and dissemination of far-right ideology. Towards the end the article describes a some new left-leaning youtube personalities counteracting and debunking some of the extremist rhetoric. Curious if this trend will persist and if it is capable of making an impact. I've also been wondering if anyone has drawn parallels between the latest far-right phenomena and earlier efforts to indoctrinate the youth, most notably the skinheads in the 70s and 80s. ...Read More