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“There is obviously a huge gender imbalance in the industry and inequality in terms of race and socioeconomic background. There’s very little representation from the LGBTQI community and from people with disabilities. This is a profession that is dominated, as it always has been, by white, middle-aged, middle-class, heterosexual men “How can photojournalism even consider itself to be relevant if you have one half of the world – the privileged half of the world – representing the other half?” ...Read More
"As the climate warms in the decades ahead, billions of acres, most of them in the northern hemisphere, including Russia and Canada, will become suitable for agriculture and could, if plowed, emit a massive, planet-altering amount of greenhouse gases. [...] Scientists estimate that, with a projected global population of nearly 10 billion by 2050, the world will need to produce 70 percent more food. How—and where—to produce that food remain open questions. Pressure to produce more could push farming into these new agricultural frontiers if policies aren't put in place ...Read More
"The Border Patrol detonated explosives on sacred Native American lands while tribal leaders were testifying against the desecration in Washington, D.C. U.S. Army and Border Patrol officials hosted an unusual event in the Sonoran Desert on Wednesday, inviting members of the press to watch as they blew up a portion of a national monument in support of the president’s ongoing effort to wall off the United States from Mexico."
Humans love to sort ourselves into neat boxes - by gender, race, sexual orientation and more. But, in this extract from Data Feminism, Catherine D'Ignazio and Lauren F Klein argue that it's time to dispense with these classifications. ...Read More
Pandemic bonds sound like a curious financial concept — but they were brought in by the World Bank in 2017 to help developing economies. Against the odds, the coronavirus outbreak may see investors lose money on them.
With an acknowledgements list that in addition to climate activists and scientists includes Thomas Friedman, Jeff Bezos and Michael Bloomberg, the book gives insight into the types of climate solutions that rich and powerful people are comfortable endorsing: changing your attitude, planting trees, buying electric vehicles and protesting a general Figueres and Rivett-Carnac then argue that we have to be like Nelson Mandela, who forgave his captors after being locked up in South African prisons for 27 years. "The process of letting go is essential, and it must be intentional," the book seems to argue of forgiving fossil fuel industry ...Read More
We're excited to announce Relevant's official endorsement of Senator Bernie Sanders' presidential candidacy in conjunction with the launch of Artists4Bernie — a campaign to promote Sanders' nomination. “Overall, we strongly feel that only Sanders represents the values and virtues which all of us as cultural producers have always hoped to strive for." ...Read More
"Pushback with Aaron Maté Evidence-free claims of a Russian government effort to aid Bernie Sanders have been exploited by centrist Democrats alarmed by Sande..."
"I’m 37 now, a grown-ass man. So I can take all the jokes. People can say whatever they want. I’ll live."
“Don’t you know how, in talking a foreign language, even fluently, one says half the time, not what one wants to, but what one can?” To put it another way: Do CEOs act like jerks because they are jerks, or because the language of management will create a jerk of ...Read More