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"Patrick Fisher fell to his death in February 2018, as he was trying to get away from police who were coming through the apartment door to arrest him."
"When 11 Jews were gunned down at the Tree of Life synagogue on Oct. 27, the alt-right greeted the news of the massacre with macabre celebrations, sick jokes and memes quoting the shooter’s final Gab…"
"Gender norms compound the trauma for men who are victims of rape and sexual abuse. It’s time to give them support, says Guardian columnist Owen Jones" This feels so important as cultures everywhere deal with male mental health and trauma issues and combatting destructive gender norms.
"Omar Hassan surveys world politics at the turn of the decade, with a focus on the exhilarating return of mass revolutionary struggle."
Interview with one of the French translators of Emma Goldman's work on how her writing continues to inspire contemporary social change.
A central class divide between care-givers and administrators now runs directly through the middle of most parties on the left. Excellent post-Corbyn post-mortem.
‘A recent poll of people aged 18-35 by a state think-tank found 52% of those living in smaller towns and cities had moved there after spending on average three years in top-tier cities, citing the fast pace of life.’ An interesting news item that steers away from an-prim framings and ...Read More
“Such deprivation of liberty does not constitute a circumscribed sanction for a specific offense, but an open-ended progressively severe measure of coercion,” Melzer, the U.N. special rapporteur, wrote of Manning’s treatment. It does not take a U.N. expert to recognize the current conditions of Manning’s incarceration as a form of torture. It is the very definition of torture to submit a person to physical and mental suffering in an effort to force an action from them.
"Welcome to "The Onyx Report with Dr. T. Hasan Johnson," a critical analysis program focusing on the experiences, histories, and perceptions of Black males in..."
"Many of the internet’s commodified social spaces weaponize a basic need to connect with others, mechanizing a fundamentally human desire in closely surveilled corridors. Rather than facilitating connections between people, privately-held platforms redesign the internet in capital’s image, boxing time and attention into commodified forms and compelling us to produce ...Read More
From April but deserves a re-read "Ecological pain has been the subject of a growing body of academic study. The environmental philosopher Glenn Albrecht coined the word solastalgia to describe it while he worked at the University of Newcastle in NSW. Specifically, solastalgia is the feeling of distress associated with environmental change close to your home. ...Read More
“The point of Airbnb Magazine (...) is not to sell magazines, or to win readers. It’s to get people to “interact with the brand,” a mission that would seem to require selling magazines and winning readers. But brand interaction is so vague an objective, and “brand storytelling” so intrinsically doomed ...Read More
This: "Disaster experts can predict how most people will react: Most will try to work together to save the most people possible. But there is a notable exception. The richest people on the ship are the least likely to cooperate. There is a formal term for this, based on a ...Read More
I've seen a lot of people critiquing the use of memes re: Iran. Does anyone have thoughts on the use of memes as a coping mechanism for chaotic times? Should we utilize memes as cathartic tool when faced with global catastrophes that feel beyond our control? Or is it inconsiderate ...Read More