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A central class divide between care-givers and administrators now runs directly through the middle of most parties on the left. Excellent post-Corbyn post-mortem.
I would be wary to flatten the responsibility of governments, workers, and individual consumers. Moreover, these fires should be connected to a heritage of genocidal neglect and colonial genocides (either of which have diverse academic precedents), both forms taking on this more abstract diffuse form where violence is not dolled ...Read More
Some of the best writing I've seen on the Hong Kong protests has come from Chuang. This piece specifically looks at the appeals of some HKers to the United States. The authors are not directly involved in the movement but write from a distance. "Never trust anyone who speaks of the world in purely geopolitical terms."
“this prospect of there being no end to the work of politics could never compete with the desire for peace and quiet. (…) So the question becomes: how can we provide the mutual aid and self-care that will give us the stamina to engage politically with the world in all ...Read More
"Most of all, the emerging science of collapse suggests that civilization in its current form, premised on endless growth and massive inequalities, is unlikely to survive this century. It will either evolve into or be succeeded by a new configuration, perhaps an “ecological civilization”, premised on a fundamentally new relationship ...Read More
A straightforward survey on the design of a few leftist magazines. The best quotes come from Jacobin Creative Director Remeike Forbes’ 2012 essay on design (linked to in the article)... “Why should leftists have to make a choice between visual content that’s honest and impassioned and sober political analysis? Ironically, leftists who scoff at bold imagery suffer the same delusions of the Guy Fawkes Left; they opt for lazy applications of style over an attempt to grapple with a world ...Read More
"An investigation found that several sites owned by Ken LaCorte push inflammatory items — stories, petitions and the occasional conspiracy theory — to the public." A real education for this reader
Not sure about the bandaid solutions provided in this article. Hiding likes may obfuscate our attraction to outrage but it doesn’t do anything to undermine the attention metrics that these platforms run on. As long as info is personalized and promoted according to what the algorithm thinks we are most ...Read More
As apart of Rhizome’s “Info-Wars” program, which explores new forms of political thought emerging online, Josh Citarella’s reports on his ongoing project - Gen Z post-left politigram via podcast. The podcast offers voices of those involved speaking on politigram, and their opinions, which feels extremely genuine and debate like. 🤓 I am not sure if the New Models / Josh Citarella's article has been shared on Relevant but that's also interesting to dive into the subject, (shared) in comments.
E.P.A. Weakens Rules Governing Toxic Water Pollution From Coal Plants The Trump administration on Monday moved to weaken regulations aimed at limiting the seepage of lead, arsenic and other toxic pollution into [drinking] water supplies.
I had not come accross this particular use of technology to seek and generate political consensus before, but v-Taiwan looks to be making tangible moves towards better societal engagement on policy decisions without degenerating into the usual on line shout fests we see. If anyone has any more information on ...Read More
XR's founder assumes that simply by stringently adopting nonviolence while provoking the state, any escalating violence from the state will be seen as illegitimate by the general public in the capital, and will end up growing and empowering the movement. But this would only be the case if XR was ...Read More