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“While few in Washington have internalized it, the coronavirus is the biggest story in the world and is soon going to smash into our electoral politics in unpredictable ways.”
We're excited to announce Relevant's official endorsement of Senator Bernie Sanders' presidential candidacy in conjunction with the launch of Artists4Bernie — a campaign to promote Sanders' nomination. “Overall, we strongly feel that only Sanders represents the values and virtues which all of us as cultural producers have always hoped to strive for." ...Read More
Bernie Sanders can win. He has as much chance as any other candidate — if not a better chance. The idea of major change to institutions is hard to swallow, but many Americans are looking for real change. Beware of disinformation being sewed about Senator Sanders.
"What changes when you stop reading news that’s written by trained professionals — written on the static and finite surface of paper, using a process that few can afford — and start reading news in an online setting (which creates contrasting conditions)? It is not just the structure of the information we call news and the people who create it that changes — the area surrounding the news also changes. And this is where content-corrupting signals come into play."
“Though intelligence officials have previously told lawmakers that Russia’s interference campaign was continuing, last week’s briefing did contain what appeared to be new information, including that Russia intended to interfere with the 2020 Democratic primaries as well as the general election.”
Bringing this old article from 2019 back, to respond to Bloomberg’s sponsored meme binge: Media Matters’ Carusone says people on the left are more concerned with nuanced facts and gray areas that can’t always be boiled down accurately into a photo with a caption. On the left, he says, “every meme has to have a million qualifiers, so that it’s no longer a meme. ...Read More
Educated fools: Why Democratic leaders still misunderstand the Politics of Social Class, by Thomas Geoghegan. "Yes, there’s race, and immigration, and globalization, but there’s something even scarier, and hard to address directly: this Knowledge Economy, which belongs to us in the postgraduate elite, who cannot imagine the working class ever being part of it. In that sense, the vote for Trump in 2016 was the ...Read More
These blurs in your newsfeed are purposeful, perhaps even artful. They are being chosen, with notable regularity, by photo editors to illustrate our most serious political stories. Why? Because detective shows and soap operas use this blurry-foreground move so regularly, its sudden ubiquity in the news represents a significant shift ...Read More
"The internal numbers, with 40 percent of precincts, put Sanders at 29.7 percent of the vote, closely followed by former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg at 24.6 percent."
“I was surprised by the effect it had on me. I’d assumed that my skepticism and media literacy would inoculate me against such distortions. But I soon found myself reflexively questioning every headline. It wasn’t that I believed Trump and his boosters were telling the truth. It was that, in ...Read More
"One of the many reasons that the Palestinian leadership dismissed the proposal out of hand was that it included a demand for Palestinians to cede the water-rich West Bank and the entire Jordan Valley to Israel. Access to water has for decades been at the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and many regional tensions more broadly. The arid region has limited supplies of water that are increasingly in demand for agriculture, and what water exists is largely shared across national boundaries, including the Jordan River and ...Read More
"The 84-year-old memoirist’s 1977 book The Romance of American Communism, a favorite of young socialists, is being reissued by Verso."
Scientific experts, including members of the EPA's own scientific advisory board, have asserted that axing and altering these rules and regulations will be detrimental toward the environment.