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"With potential for a devastating oil spill for two lakes and huge swaths of coastline, activists are taking a stand."
"Right now, however, no such solution exists for organic farms, because the biodegradable plastic mulches on the market all contain petroleum-based materials."
As sun sets on oil industry, how will global power realign? "If energy barons like the Koch bros. remain flush w/ cash, they can probably undermine initiatives like the Green New Deal. But [not so] if their businesses decline [...]"
"Venezuela wants its oil-backed cryptocurrency, the Petro, to serve as an integration currency in South America."
Long read describing how Exxon undermines US foreign policy in search of new oil fields, in Iran, Kurdish Iraq, Russia, and elsewhere. I noticed this article because of a screenshot of the part: "[Trump] began fulminating about federal laws that prohibit American businesses from bribing officials overseas." Tillerson says something ...Read More