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"With potential for a devastating oil spill for two lakes and huge swaths of coastline, activists are taking a stand."
How many of you will be complaining when gas and heating oil prices sky rocket? There are no 100% guarantees, however, they have placed every known safeguard into this system of planning and building. Come on man, let’s see progress not back to the Stone Age. #oil #pipelines #politics
“They placed every known safeguard into this system” - when in 1954? 😂
So tell me which safeguards are missing in your opinion. Or tell me, would like expansion of oil production in the lower 48 States.
The oil industry not expanding is a necessity at this point within the ecological paradigm. Unless you don’t believe in the threats of oil spill, greenhouse gas, fracking and in that case it’s likely pointless to share opinions. There is no safeguarding the pipeline from the Great Lakes under any measure. Many of its shorelines are national parks. If there was more ecological advocacy and justice the lakes would all be completely protected. The dependency on fossil fuel seems the most archaic aspect of all. There are 50 states and this article seems to have more to do with Canada.