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With an acknowledgements list that in addition to climate activists and scientists includes Thomas Friedman, Jeff Bezos and Michael Bloomberg, the book gives insight into the types of climate solutions that rich and powerful people are comfortable endorsing: changing your attitude, planting trees, buying electric vehicles and protesting a general Figueres and Rivett-Carnac then argue that we have to be like Nelson Mandela, who forgave his captors after being locked up in South African prisons for 27 years. "The process of letting go is essential, and it must be intentional," the book seems to argue of forgiving fossil fuel industry ...Read More
Bernie Sanders can win. He has as much chance as any other candidate — if not a better chance. The idea of major change to institutions is hard to swallow, but many Americans are looking for real change. Beware of disinformation being sewed about Senator Sanders.
This is a good visual followup to the last article I posted re: language and re-imagining the future "Written in collaboration with Chus Martinez and commissioned by TBA21-Academy, [Will] Benedict’s 6 part video reflects how language presents us with separate worlds of interests and realms which create barriers to the fact that are all living in the same defenseless planet. If we are unable to identify with the ...Read More
“The current crisis is one that requires a new kind of global thinking, one that resists single languages or cultures. This is a globalization that seeks to destabilize the center, not absorb everything toward it.”
A best case scenario for the climate in 2050: “It wasn’t the single solution we required, but the proliferation of trees bought us the time we needed to vanquish carbon emissions. When we started, it was purely practical, a tactic to combat climate crisis by relocating the carbon: the trees took carbon dioxide out of the air, released oxygen ...Read More
A worst case scenario for the climate in 2050 “The first thing that hits you is the air. In many places around the world, the air is hot, heavy and, depending on the day, clogged with particulate pollution. Your eyes often water. Your cough never seems to disappear. You think about some countries in Asia, where, out of consideration, ...Read More
Wondering if anyone has insights or predictions as to how this will work out. 10 billion dollars is a lot of money but also potentially useless depending on how it’s spent. My guess is it won’t be put toward facilitating any type of degrowth...
"As climate change worsens, the world’s most powerful states will become even more dominant through a concentration of political power, military force, and energy resources."
"A new report [1] from Greenpeace Southeast Asia and the Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA) found that air pollution from burning coal, oil, and natural gas accounts for an estimated 4.5 million deaths each year worldwide. The report is the first of its kind to assess ...Read More
"Anti-renewable propagandists need to talk about imaginary high costs of renewables, especially because one of their preferred ways of generating electricity — nuclear power — turns out to be incredibly expensive. Renewable energy gets cheaper each year, nuclear power gets more expensive each year — how come they still adamantly claim that renewables are not a cost-effective way of decarbonizing?"
"In reality, the global human population is not increasing exponentially, but is in fact slowing and predicted to stabilise at around 11 billion by 2100. More importantly, focusing on human numbers obscures the true driver of many of our ecological woes. That is, the waste and inequality generated by modern ...Read More
Attempts to tackle crisis fail because gender issues are not addressed, report finds “As environmental degradation and stress on ecosystems increases, that in turn creates scarcity and stress for people, and the evidence shows that, where environmental pressures increase, gender-based violence increases.”
"A firestorm of criticism from across the political spectrum was ignited by the news that I had accepted an invitation to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos, one of the most elite gatherings of corporate CEOs and world leaders. Now I’m headed to London to meet with a few ...Read More