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“ Recent protests began after Puerto Rico's Center for Investigative Journalism published nearly 900 pages of leaked chats from the governor's private Telegram Messenger group. In them, the governor and 11 top aides and Cabinet members exchanged profanity-laced, homophobic and misogynistic messages about fellow politicians, members of the media and celebrities. In one, the former chief financial officer appeared to joke about those who died in Hurricane Maria.”
Hi Analisa, congrats for this further step. How is the shift going to look like for us who are already using Relevant?
"The tawdry divorce of Libbie and David Mugrabi is not just a tabloid story. At stake are a trophy townhouse, works by Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons, and the inner-workings of one of the world’s most influential art dealer families."
Animals that live in the oceans ingest plastic debris. The chemical industry is out of control. #plasic
"A migrant caravan traveling through Mexico is the latest news event to be weaponized online."
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You can't claim the left has gone crazy and barred you from speaking while others on the left explicitly reach out to you and demonstrate charitable dialog.
"Canadian far-right pair Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern made the degrading comments at a speaking event in Sydney on Friday, which was live-tweeted by an audience member."
A pretty well-balanced overview of Elon Musk's recent headline-making involvments with the Thai cave rescue efforts.
“Who benefits from this?” she remembered asking. Was it American taxpayers, who were paying to finance the raid and resulting deportations? Or American workers, most of whom were so disinterested in low-paying farm work that Ohio had announced a crisis work shortage of 15,000 agricultural jobs