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I'm looking for sources of balanced, thoughtful and timely current events reporting... I've generally avoided mainstream media for years. My thinking and consciousness felt much clearer and cleaner as a result. Given the political conditions we've been living under for the past couple years, particularly in the US, I've unfortunately found myself checking CNN and Google News on a regular basis. I ...Read More
“Suppose you took a cell phone and showed it to a caveperson. The caveperson would say it was a nice rock. The caveperson is used to rocks. So now imagine this object—‘Oumuamua—being the iPhone and us being the cave people.” Good analogy to understanding how man tries to perceive interdimensional ...Read More
Hi Analisa, congrats for this further step. How is the shift going to look like for us who are already using Relevant?
"The tawdry divorce of Libbie and David Mugrabi is not just a tabloid story. At stake are a trophy townhouse, works by Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons, and the inner-workings of one of the world’s most influential art dealer families."
Animals that live in the oceans ingest plastic debris. The chemical industry is out of control. #plasic
"A migrant caravan traveling through Mexico is the latest news event to be weaponized online."
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You can't claim the left has gone crazy and barred you from speaking while others on the left explicitly reach out to you and demonstrate charitable dialog.
"Canadian far-right pair Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern made the degrading comments at a speaking event in Sydney on Friday, which was live-tweeted by an audience member."