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“Is someone doing TurboTax with their clitoris?” Knight said in an interview with Rewire.News. “What is he talking about? But that’s where the discourse has been at—that is where the ‘medicine’ has been at for 20 years. It’s just coming out in public now.” ...Read More
It’s super important that there are spaces out there for people to educate themselves and others and to feel supported during their journey. “YouTube lets people get more detailed information and find out more about how to transition, and ways to live a healthy life," she said. "People can find someone who's like them [on YouTube] and feel less alone." ...Read More
Douglas Crimp, in his own words in his own voice. RIP one of the great tellers of 20th & early 21st c. cultural change.
"There is a lack of queer visibility in science fields. For transgender people, this visibility is even lower. It’s hard to join or participate in a system when you don’t see yourself in it. For queer and trans scientists to enter — and remain — in science fields and academia, ...Read More
“At the core of Siblings rests the idea that loving other people and choosing to live alongside them is an inherently creative act. That's true for everyone, but especially for queer people, whose survival often depends on the forging of ad-hoc communities.” #music #lgbtq
Sharing news of love and triumph 🌈 on her website " Meg had only day-sailed in protected waters but took on this planet crossing, escape, without question."