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" Celine Art Project, the curatorial endeavour signed by Slimane, which will bring site-specific artworks to each Celine store over the course of the next few months. " Seems like art mixed with select fashion corps, major retailers, and corporations is not just a trend but possibly the only way ...Read More
A flashback to about a year ago, but of relevance given how gay men are increasingly perceived in Russia. “The central taboo concerning Tchaikovsky’s life has been his homosexuality – the topic that has been barred from public discussion for almost a century … In the eye of the authorities, it would have been unthinkable to accept [that] … Russia’s national treasure was a homosexual.”
Never seen it but appreciate the lawsuits against representation of history within contemporary media distribution and political agendas showing off the power of representation and distortion of history shaping politics today and using the system as a political tool of expression.
" Within many of Ellis’s paintings, the collective and individual histories of trauma that attend to the anti-blackness at the heart of American life coil alongside the levity, however ambiguously rendered, that allows for trauma to be survived."