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Twitter grants special exemptions to Donald Trump and other “world leaders” from its code of conduct, including from rules that apply to everyone else. But the social network — which is Trump’s go-to megaphone — says nobody is “above our policies entirely.”
"In his work (most notably, his documentaries), Herzog seeks this “ecstatic truth”: to reflect reality not how it is on the surface, but how it is on a deep level, beyond the façade of what we merely perceive. [...] This what bothers me about those fake viral Twitter stories. They lack anything like ecstatic truth; they don't reflect or reveal any reality deeper than what they describe. In this, they have only facts — and of course, as it turns out, they don’t even have that. If the stories ...Read More
Deplatforming seems to be a futile response to hate speech but on twitter the options are limited. “When you’re talking about counter speech, what that is assuming is an environment where people are generally interested in engaging in good-faith conversations and having their minds changed. That is often extremely far from the case on Twitter, where networked harassment campaigns are common, with white nationalists often take part ...Read More
Twitter wants to be more relevant. Very curious where this goes, but I have a feeling that weaning itself off the click-based business model may be difficult. “And while Dorsey said he’s less interested in maximizing time spent on Twitter and more in maximizing “what people take away from it and what they want to learn from it,” Anderson suggested that Twitter may struggle with that goal since it’s a public company, with a business model based ...Read More
‪I think the effort to make twitter “healthier” is great, but I’m afraid the centralized nature of twitter’s business model will not allow it. They are struggling with earnings as is and focusing on health will not help in the near term.‬
"If Silicon Valley can disrupt whole industries, why not innovate with company ownership, too?"
By aggressively perusing advertising monetization, twitter sacrificed the health and quality of the platform as well as growth and possibly bigger payoff.