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Bringing this old article from 2019 back, to respond to Bloomberg’s sponsored meme binge: Media Matters’ Carusone says people on the left are more concerned with nuanced facts and gray areas that can’t always be boiled down accurately into a photo with a caption. On the left, he says, “every meme has to have a million qualifiers, so that it’s no longer a meme. ...Read More
"A place where half your monthly salary goes toward your rent, a world threatened by climate doom. It’s no wonder we’re turning to cutesy images of Kirby, or slapstick gags to give us cheap thrills, and if purposefully mispronouncing words, or telling ourselves ‘I’m baby’ helps soften the blow of ...Read More
"The larger question, of course, is why the people steering a high-end skin-care brand want to market their products with jokes about dog behavior, among other seemingly random topics. Walia says that beyond simple engagement, brands want to seem more human. “It helps them as a thought exercise to think ...Read More
„The proposed bill has similar concern to Europe’s Article 11 and 13, both heavily criticized for using A.I algorithms to detect copyright infringement, and even taxing posting a hyperlink. The US’ DARPA is also developing AI to detect “deep-fake” videos and audio, though some have expressed concern even memes ...Read More
Great piece by @shivaaaamm, teen journalist for i-D Magazine, writing about his generations experience with politics online. "Neo-fascists are using social media platforms to spread racism, homophobia, transphobia and sexism. " ...Read More
Doomer, Gloomer, Bloomer, Zoomer, Boomer explained. The piece itself is not as sensational as the title but it is a bit disturbing to see how quickly these types of memes get coopted by extremist movements.
Good thread about this from @robhorning “the "fakeness" of deepfakes is not necessarily supposed to trick people; viewers know it's fake and enjoy seeing a hidden "truth" revealed symbolically ...Read More
just in case fact hadn't been beaten to pulp already: "traditionally researchers have used a large number of images to create a talking head model, a new technique can achieve it by few, or potentially even one image." ...Read More
Really interesting research PDF/book by artist Joshua Citarella, Politigram & the Post Left Focused on: "A group of libertarian teenagers whose online activity began to rapidly heat up in 2015 alongside the American primary races. ...Read More
"Jia Tolentino on how Donald Trump, Jr., embodies the “large adult son” meme, an Internet joke inspired by Mike Huckabee’s sons, David and John Mark."