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An interesting thread on how the current Hong Kong protests differ from 2014. Protestors seem to have heightened fears of surveillance and repercussions this time.
“The goal here is instilling fear — fear that their surveillance technology can see into every corner of your life,” said Wang Lixiong
“With more than 360,000 Chinese students enrolled in U.S. institutions, Chinese visitors account for one-third of the foreign undergraduates and graduate students studying in the United States. To put that into scale: That number is about the same as the amount of students from Maryland, the 19th-ranked state by size ...Read More
American Farmers want to be businessmen that sell and compete in an open market, not be used as economic and political pawns. It is demining to their work.
The founder of “feminist voices” shares their struggle to build online + IRL activist networks under algorithmic censorship and government oppression
"For Mark Zuckerberg, WeChat is both his greatest challenge and the model for the future of his company. Zuckerberg has long wanted Facebook to be the operating system of our lives – at least for those who live outside of China. WeChat is what Facebook has yet to become. WeChat, ...Read More
Given that it's mathematically impossible for BTC to succeed until they change their POW, this doesn't make sense as a political play. Most like Sequoia is just paying for BTC in advance to get a deeper discount than they'd normally get for buying in volume. It's also possible that they're ...Read More
New Chinese manifesto. Under the headline "Make China Great Again," the South China Morning Post quoted the manifesto calling out the "drawbacks" of the the capitalist economic system and said "a new international order is taking shape," with China facing an historic opportunity to "restore itself to greatness and return ...Read More
China does not exist. ““China” is, and always has been, an economic category. The Occidental mirage of the “Far East” arose to designate the stubborn persistence of various non-capitalist modes of production on the East Asian mainland. After the “opening” of China demonstrated the Qing empire’s fundamental incoherence, late-imperial nationalists, ...Read More
Facebook is laying out the laws of the internet, but it's a business. Thoughtful video on digital colonialism.