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“Anything that offers success in our unjust society without trying to change it is not revolutionary – it just helps people cope. In fact, it could also be making things worse. Instead of encouraging radical action, mindfulness says the causes of suffering are disproportionately inside us, not in the political ...Read More
One of my favorite YouTubers is Shaun, a videogame streamer who got into making long videos debunking right wing YouTubers. They're long but are pleasant to watch, and are a good intro to people like Lauren Southern, Stefan Molyneux, Jordan Peterson, and their ilk. This video concerns Carl ...Read More
“Such lifestyles may appear marginally efficient, but they are, by and large, a convenient by-product of shifting social and ecological costs to those less privileged both locally and globally.” #altwoke #climate #environment #vegan
"James Wood on Martin Hägglund, who argues that rigorous secularism leads to socialism."
"The industry-wide turn toward ethics obscures tech’s allergy to politics" what happens when libertarians run America's biggest monopolies
Is woke the new hipster. In an moment where politics and aesthetics are rapidly mediated and abandoned on platforms, is the woke political subject the most niche identity, always finding new causes, an endless (re)configuration of politics.
I feel It's another play on the influenced longing for something. It's wanting to feel connected... to strip away the "facade" and "know" that person. It's juxtaposed to wanting "to be" that person, which was more prevelant in the era we are leaving.
"There are some surprising outcomes, too. When there are equal proportions of hipsters and conformists, the entire population tends to switch randomly between different trends. Why isn’t clear, and Touboul wants to study this in more detail."
The coverage I’ve seen of this debate has been fairly dismissive. As much as this was a spectacle, I think it’s a worthwhile one. Refreshing to hear this kind of back and forth, especially in the age of tweet-length hot takes. Peterson was definitely a bit of a dud and didn’t seem to have that much to contribute aside from an obvious and tired critique of communism and paternalistic advise to work on self improvement and staying away from commies. ...Read More
This is a project called Nukmap created by a historian of nuclear weapons. The NUKEMAP is aimed at helping people visualize nuclear weapons on terms they can make sense of — helping them to get a sense of the scale of the bombs and their effects. You can basically drop ...Read More
A Berlin-based initiative aiming to seize 200,000 homes from the city’s biggest landlords and turn them into social housing.
Available in audio and written. It's a pretty big post covering the author's thoughts around walled gardens and everything outside the garden trashing their values as they optimize for profit. It at least touches a lot though - that 60/70s beat/hippie counter culture; identifying 14 versions of multipolar, malthusian traps, "races to the bottom"; framing ...Read More