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"Many of the internet’s commodified social spaces weaponize a basic need to connect with others, mechanizing a fundamentally human desire in closely surveilled corridors. Rather than facilitating connections between people, privately-held platforms redesign the internet in capital’s image, boxing time and attention into commodified forms and compelling us to produce ...Read More
I've seen a lot of people critiquing the use of memes re: Iran. Does anyone have thoughts on the use of memes as a coping mechanism for chaotic times? Should we utilize memes as cathartic tool when faced with global catastrophes that feel beyond our control? Or is it inconsiderate ...Read More
“while the goal of a left tech policy should be to strike at the root of private power by transforming how our digital infrastructures are owned, we will also need legislative and administrative rule-making to govern how those infrastructures are allowed to operate.”
We’re excited to announce the official launch of the Relevant Token +💰BETTING MODE💰- a new zero stakes betting game that rewards users for predicting the Relevance of posts. Learn more about our mission to build a user-owned network and find out how you can earn a piece of Relevant in our latest blog post🔝 ...Read More
“In 2009, the internet was this liberating force,” says Allie Funk, a research analyst who works on Freedom House’s annual Freedom on the Net survey. It found that online freedoms have been shrinking for nine consecutive years. “Every single year it seems governments are figuring out how to better ...Read More
"Sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, etc. are widespread relational hierarchies which are deeply rooted in the subordination and division of labor....Overcoming these types of oppression is a matter of liberation, not justice, and to liberate ourselves from oppression we have to liberate ourselves from the very system which makes our oppression ...Read More
Utopian pessimism for the twenty-first century. "it is enough to understand that Adorno’s principal criteria for an artwork that could jolt the spectator from false consciousness was its unintelligibility. Simply, the more unfathomable an artwork, the less likely it is to be measured, controlled, and co-opted by capital. In this light, it is precisely the millennial ...Read More
“But my life improved—as did, I imagine, the quality of the protests I did not attend—when I learned to recognize the difference between that real desire to be in one of those demos and attending on the basis of guilt or identity-defining necessity. People doing something guiltily, unwillingly, or resentfully ...Read More
“If ‘heterosexuality’ becomes shorthand for misogyny, the proper object of critique falls from view.” I like most of this essay, but “male heteropessimism” as it’s used here also seems like an obfuscating term for “misogyny”....
What kind of urbanism will the programme propose? An urbanism that is pro-planning, pro-artificial, anti-collapse, pro-universalist, anti-anti-totality, pro-materialist, anti-anti-leviathan, and anti-mythology and pro-egalitarian distribution. It starts with a different set of assumptions: the planet is artificially sentient; climate collapse mitigation and pervasive automation can converge; the concept of 'climate change' #society #climate ...Read More
8 Religious Beliefs that Catholics and Muslims Share With Each Other Since he took his position as the Holy Father in 2013, Pope Francis has consistently encouraged Catholics to engage with Muslims as a means to build bridges of interfaith understanding. His call, however, appears to have fallen on deaf ears. According to a 2016 study by The Bridge Initiative at ...Read More