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"This tool, called Digital Recognition Network (DRN), is not run by a government, although law enforcement can also access it. Instead, DRN is a private surveillance system crowdsourced by hundreds of repo men who have installed cameras that passively scan, capture, and upload the license plates of every car they ...Read More
Everybody’s complaining about technology all the time — there’s nothing more on-trend than lamenting our ephemeral hashtag culture. So it’s easy to believe that there really is a roiling tech backlash that will somehow head off any dystopian outcomes, while we lean back and ask Alexa whether it’s raining. In ...Read More
"The US military is conducting wide-area surveillance tests across six midwest states using experimental high-altitude balloons, documentsfiled with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) reveal."
More on the Chinese social point system. " Punishment for dishonesty, or some form thereof, is woven into the DNA of the social credit scheme, which seeks to rank citizens according to their trustworthiness, taking into account whether they have broken the law, spread rumors, or violated any financial contracts. ...Read More
With all the current concerns about Faceapp this article suggests its not the scandal everyone thinks. It's good to see a wider discussion on privacy though.
“The more we adapt to the absence of ambient privacy, the more the world will split: the worst of us rising to the top, their awfulness baked into their reputation and recontextualised as courage or honesty, the rest of us retreating ever further from the public sphere, trying to find ...Read More
I’m experiencing this as a series of insightful, well researched and frightening articles. “Companies and governments are gaining new powers to follow people across the internet and around the world, and even to peer into their genomes. The benefits of such advances have been apparent for years; the costs — in anonymity, even autonomy — are now becoming clearer. The boundaries of privacy ...Read More
“Although the database has been deleted by Microsoft, it is still available to researchers and companies that had previously downloaded it. Mr Harvey said it was still being shared on open-source websites.”
It seems like SIM-jacking/swapping is a growing problem. Now I understand the importance of my wireless account’s PIN code I can never seem to remember 🙄
"Dark forests like newsletters and podcasts are growing areas of activity. As are other dark forests, like Slack channels, private Instagrams, invite-only message boards, text groups, Snapchat, WeChat, and on and on. This is where Facebook is pivoting with Groups (and trying to redefine what the word “privacy” means in These are all spaces where depressurized conversation is possible because of their non-indexed, non-optimized, and non-gamified environments. The cultures of those spaces have more in common with the physical world than the internet." ...Read More
MegaPixels is an art and research project investigating the ethics, origins, and individual privacy implications of face recognition datasets created "in the wild." Site documents notable facial recognition datasets. Citations demonstrate how datasets made in America have been used for FR research around the world. Come for the ridiculous privacy violations, stay for the graphs and visualizations!
“We can forgive your politics and focus on your technical contributions as long as you don’t do something unforgivable, like speaking to the press.” 👈 Parting advice given to a departing Google employee.
Interesting proposal to emphasize data ownership and compensate users for their data. This is something Jaron Lanier has been arguing for also. But I’m skeptical this can lead to practical changes or actual money in people’s pockets. We have been paying for the use of free services with our data "Keith's run for congress is premised on a new approach to personal data, and a proposed dividend that will be familiar to the Yang Gang." ...Read More
I personally know of GP practices that have shut down the ability for patients to phone up for prescriptions. This forces them to either download an app to order repeats, sign up with a pharmacy to order via them or attend the practice in person, which is not always possible ...Read More