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I would be wary to flatten the responsibility of governments, workers, and individual consumers. Moreover, these fires should be connected to a heritage of genocidal neglect and colonial genocides (either of which have diverse academic precedents), both forms taking on this more abstract diffuse form where violence is not dolled out by a central body, but rather is encouraged by a culture that is fostered by those in power. This 'omnicide' is not without direct connection to previous genocidal efforts - which importantly should include cultural practices, therein including traditional land management and backburning practices that have been instrumental in the ecocidal neglect leading to this season's bushfires. This has been part of a larger campaign to suppress Indigenous methodologies, in favour of a Western model that asserts the model of markets as reality without consideration for its devastating effects.
"During these first days of the third decade of the twenty-first century, as we watch humans, animals, trees, insects, fungi, ecosystems, forests, rivers (and on and on) being killed, what word shall we reach for to name what is happening? ‘Ecocide’, the killing of ecosystems, won’t do. This is something more; this is the killing of everything. Omnicide."