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“If the couple was the primary consumer unit of the past, today this has collapsed, or more accurately been replaced by a new dyad, the individual consumer and her phone. It is hardly news that the goal of the big hookup apps is to keep people single. Tinder has made this surprisingly explicit in its first ever brand campaign, which features an exuberant, seemingly carefree blonde woman accompanied by the words “Single does what single wants.” Stay single, stay wanting, and let the data of your desire accumulate like so many layers of gold.”


“If ‘heterosexuality’ becomes shorthand for misogyny, the proper object of critique falls from view.”

I like most of this essay, but “male heteropessimism” as it’s used here also seems like an obfuscating term for “misogyny”....


I think that quote acknowledges the pitfall of conflating the two. Misogyny is viewed as one of the various symptoms of heteropessimism, hence the need to examine them as two separate things.


Yes, and I think this essay could’ve done more to examine them as two separate things. I don’t really buy framing incels/MRAs as heteropessimists, since heteropessimists “obscure the extent to which heterosexuality is changing,” whereas incels/MRAs do acknowledge this and react violently against it.


Ah that’s an interesting point. Sort of like negative vs positive/harmless manifestations of heteropessimism.