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“A shaman had blessed the space in a ritual for employees on Monday, with a cacao ceremony that involved drinking bowls of bitter hot chocolate with special energy-giving properties. When cornered for details, Glimcher said, “Have you ever had ceremonial cacao? I was, like, on—you feel it!””
From Boomkat: "...she set up and documented the interaction between a neural network, audio recordings of early Martian language, and footage of the movements of space bacteria. Effectively arriving at a consolidation of wetware and hardware, Jenna uses the computer as a shaman/conduit with the capacity to transmute light and ...Read More
Video on nowness profiling the consequences of climate change effects in Puerto Rico among others in a series on the site. " Puerto Rico, the 1949 poem by Victor Hernández Cruz that extols the virtues of the US territory lays the foundation for Winther’s film. The New York-based director pairs Cruz’s words with moving images of the people, homes and landscapes that belong to the island. “Shadow of a Hurricane captures ...Read More
" Celine Art Project, the curatorial endeavour signed by Slimane, which will bring site-specific artworks to each Celine store over the course of the next few months. " Seems like art mixed with select fashion corps, major retailers, and corporations is not just a trend but possibly the only way ...Read More
The Five Stirring Stanzas That Proved a Poem Can Help End a War
Story Stephanie Newman  ·  Illustrations by James Heimer   · ↗︎
"Várnai seemed cognizant of the limitations imposed on her as a woman when she wrote “To my soldier-son.” The poem itself hinges on inverting gender roles and reclaiming a voice – the mother’s voice – that authorities don’t want to acknowledge. “To my soldier-son” suggests that by owning their maternal ...Read More
...when the bricks crumble the building eventually falls. And at least lower the price from 25$ entry for an exhibition without artworks to actually make it accessible. Very curious how this will play out, appreciative of the activism.
This article is from 2014, contains many links to chronicle. Seems more relevant now than ever.
Good critical review of Hito Steyerl’s ‘Drill’ at Armory “Conversely, despite the continual relevance of its subject matter, Drill never rises above the level of trite, blithe aestheticization. This is exemplified in the very Steyerl gesture of abstracting literal deaths – disproportionately non-white deaths – into brassy music”
An artwork of mine currently at The Shed got reviewed by a curator of the Queens museum on Galerie. Check it out if in NYC on view until August 25th!
““ an editor-in-chief or museum director: “$500 is a new shirt to you, but to your lowest-rung workers, it’s life or death.” That disparity allows exploitation to thrive, and it is incumbent on us to demand nothing less than a redistributed society.”
But will the cops keep/destroy the 800 pound work? It will be interesting to hear the consequences of this piece.