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“A quest for another sort of authenticity—the paid-for privilege of being present at an Event—fuels what Amnesia Scanner call “the experience economy” of today’s festivals. Just as much as bottle-service raves on cruise ships or EDM gatherings like Electric Daisy Carnival, experimental music festivals are selling exclusivity and a sense ...Read More
"But you do not need to start writing code to sharpen your problem-solving skills for web development purposes. Because a computer’s job is to follow a set of instructions, problem-solving revolves around understanding step instructions. Let’s take three examples that will help you understand how to take everyday tasks and step them through. Keep this methodology in mind once you start to write code and you will see that it will be easier to detect problems and solve them." ...Read More
"I have yet to see an actual illustration of the Web3 stack. So this is an attempt. Given how expansive the Web3 ecosystem is, this diagram is almost certainly incomplete, and likely has a few inaccuracies. For the remainder of this post, I’ll highlight some of the most interesting observations ...Read More
The Brave Browser, created by former head of Mozilla and creator of Javascript Brendan Eich, is a really amazing browser if you haven't tried it before. And it looks like it may have just become a little better. #Webbrowser #IT
"For the contemporary internet user, it sounds like a bizarre proposition. Why make communication slower, inefficient, and reliant on random interactions between other people? But Tarr and others building SSB applications think it might solve many of the problems of today’s internet, giving people better and more granular control of ...Read More
Part 2wo of the death of the open web imagines its rebirth as a global mobile mesh network connecting 4 billion people in the developing world, running something like Usenet, hopefully coming to fruition before the tech oligarchy devours everything.