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Officials who work for Election Systems & Software, the top voting machine supplier in the country, deny that their machines are connected to the Internet. Cybersecurity watchdogs uncover that this is not true, particularly in key swing states. Because of course.
“Warshipping allows cybercriminals to ship hacking devices directly to their targets -- remotely and without detection. Find out what IBM's X-Force Red learned when they infiltrated corporate networks with their own warship devices.“
It seems like SIM-jacking/swapping is a growing problem. Now I understand the importance of my wireless account’s PIN code I can never seem to remember 🙄
The Hearsay and the Blank Check Problems. ''...article aims to discuss problems that plague existing authentication systems, and the modern attempts to move beyond passwords attendant to such problems. We will then propose, in abstract, a new model using the metaphor of a “pass”, such as an airline ticket or ...Read More
Zeynep Tufekci is always a good read, but this take on verification technology being crucial to save important systems (like democracy) is excellent, because ”today we are like the Cubans, circa 2006”
2010 article by then Deputy Secretary of Defense William Lynn III "Although the threat to intellectual property is less dramatic than the threat to critical national infrastructure, it may be the most significant cyberthreat that the United States will face over the long term. Every year, an amount of intellectual property many times larger than all the intellectual property contained in ...Read More
"Ray Ozzie thinks his Clear method for unlocking encrypted devices can attain the impossible: It satisfies both law enforcement and privacy purists."
This is cool - using secure enclave in the nodes to manage users private keys in order to improve UX. “The currency is designed to utilize an Intel processor component known as Software Guard Extensions, or a "secure enclave." SGX is a sequestered portion of a processor that runs code like any other, but the software inside it can't be accessed or changed by a device's broader operating system.”
Last hope meltdown. No diversity on mars once the iced archive is down and just booked a couple of flights to go to Europe. ...Read More