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"In today’s world of what Markovits calls “meritocratic inequality,” these highly skilled workers are not merely productive and desirable employees; they have come to dominate the rest of society from their perches in finance, tech, medicine, the law. (He calls them “superordinate workers,” as in, not subordinate—Young isn’t the only ...Read More
TL;DR: (1) Things mostly outside our control like genetics, environment, circumstances, etc, essentially luck, play a big part in our success if not the only part. The idea that our society is a meritocracy is false. (2) To top it off, believing in a meritocracy is shown to make people Now I wonder, if you argue against the role of luck in your success and reestablish a meritocratic baseline - what would you make of the second point? In other words, when it can be shown that our beliefs about the "truth of the world" also exaggerate some of our ...Read More