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It is a big claim for an artist to suggest that their work is in anyway disconnected from money, or that they don’t think about the money. Even if they try to disconnect it, it is inevitable that art is dependant on its place in the market, such informing their ...Read More
Starbucks has around $1.6 billion in stored value card liabilities outstanding (the sum of all physical gift cards held in customer's wallets and electronic balances held in the Starbucks Mobile App). You, the loyal customer, are providing the company with free debt: Starbucks doesn't pay any interest on balances held ...Read More
Yessssss, thissssssss — hallelujah, Sweet Reason! — ‘“Congress does not have to borrow—that’s completely optional. Instead the government can let people hold cash. That way there would not be fights over the debt and debt ceiling,” Kelton said. Critics of MMT often argue that such policies could lead to hyperinflation. But Kelton does not see that as a threat in the U.S. ...Read More