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A system built on millions of cell relays, antennas, and sensors also offers previously unthinkable surveillance potential. Telecom companies already sell location data to marketers, and law enforcement has used similar data to track protesters. 5G will catalogue exactly where someone has come from, where they are going, and what ...Read More
“Bipartisanship may be in short supply in the 116th Congress, but Republicans and Democrats have found a common enemy. Swamped by complaints from peeved constituents — and tormented themselves by an onslaught of pesky and fraudulent calls — lawmakers from both sides of the aisle in both chambers are promising ...Read More
Apparently a few hundred $'s is all it takes to buy someone's real-time location. That feels pretty terrifying. It's another reason I'm happy @ryan_foam and the team are building what they are at FOAM. "...wireless carriers have been selling our data in ways that allows it to be resold for potentially dangerous purposes. For instance, stalkers and abusive domestic partners have used location data to track, threaten and attack victims...In one alarming example, reported by Vice, a bounty hunter was able to pay to ...Read More
This has been floating around for awhile. The speed of text, from books, news papers, pamphlets, notes, sms, threads, streams, etc is a clear increase in the speed and decrease in cost. I had thought that typed words were not equipped for this.