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GEN-Z reflects on itself and examines possible futures. "Now, for my fellow kids, to whom I say greetings and salutations. To the lonely and radical high schooler online posting memes, proudly proclaiming that you will not work in a factory just because it is a co-operative venture, writing essays about the abolition of every social phenomenon you can possibly dream up while still remaining so ironically caught in the ecstasy of digital communication (as described by Jean Baudrillard); I understand you, I support you to a degree, and I want nothing more than to unequivocally say “Godspeed” and “Good luck” to you. But I urge you to remember that behind every feature of human society you may (regardless of justifiability) wish to eliminate, ultimately there is still just nature and humans"
i hate that! why is „leftcom“ even a thing among zoomers? i thought they all „read lenin“... #kinderkrankheit
Lol, the memes are not to be taken too seriously... but why not leftcom for zoomers?
because it’s shortsighted and essentially counterrevolutionary. i mean, i get why leftcom is attractive especially to young people since it’s basically promoting blind rage. that’s why lenin wrote a text called “‘left-wing’ communism, an infantile disorder” ☝️🤓
Interesting, not too familiar with the actual historical flavors of communism. I wonder if the “leftcom” term is being somewhat reappropriated to express a different kind of hope or aspiration or at least to distinguish it from the prior authoritarian varieties. Or maybe it’s just meant to signify Marxism. The above article, for example, is not very rage filled and on the contrary offering an alternative to black-pill nihilism.
agreed, the article’s tone is levelheaded enough to believe that at least the person who wrote it is not irretrievably lost to mindless anarchism (then i guess it’s just a matter of getting their terms straight)... then again, if leftcom for them is a way to express anti authoritarian sentiment, they will need some gentle re-education. because the left’s fear of authority is paralyzing the whole movement. that’s a huge problem
as a participant in some eastern european left pol organizations i can assure u that our reluctance towards central authority has not paralyzed us, on the contrary - it has helped us in developing new ways of organizing. an tbh, i personally think that this is one of our best achievements. there are other matters which hold us back and render many of our actions as ineffective but that is a whole different (and long) story
thank you for adding that. i guess, what i said holds true primarily for the “western“ left, whose anti-authoritarian outgrowths were mainly fuelled by cold war propaganda and quite often still run on red scare. people brought up in, say, post-soviet or ––as, by your name, i’m guessing you’re maybe from romania?–– warsaw treaty member states, obviously have a whole different politico-historical perspective, which leads to a different (and arguably more productive) discourse on that matter.