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Relationship: 8 tips for managing your life as a couple How to manage your life as a couple? How to have a lasting relationship? What are the mistakes to avoid in a couple? As a couple, if you want your relationship to last and take place in the best possible conditions, there are things to do and others to avoid. Whether you are a couple or not, the tips that follow will be useful: 8 tips for a successful couple life: Do not be jealous : Jealousy can become a real poison for your couple. There are two kinds of jealousy: light jealousy that is not a problem and deeper jealousy that can have more serious consequences. By "light" jealousy, I mean a little jealousy that does not last, an ephemeral jealousy. On the other hand, a "deep" jealousy lasts and gets stronger over time ... It appears for example when you see your girlfriend spending time with a friend of his class or his work and that you are tired of seeing them pass from time together, even if only for work and this guy is probably in friend zone for a long time ... This is an example among many others but that illustrates well the thing: you start to ask questions unnecessarily and you doubt the fidelity of your girlfriend. The mistake you absolutely must not commit in this case is to let this jealousy hang around or to let your girlfriend know that you are jealous. What you need to do, however, is not to be jealous and to completely fuck yourself. Leave it a free minimum as long as it stays true. If you express your fears, she might think that you do not trust her or that you do not trust yourself. If she really abuses, you can also play jealousy by spending a lot of time with your female friends (which can be useful when you want to win back your ex girlfriend). In short, do not be jealous unnecessarily. Know how to set limits: If your girlfriend goes too far, act accordingly. If something is wrong, say so. It is better not to let problems go too fast (the REAL problems, not stupid jealousy stories as we saw just before). Maintain: It is not because you have found your soul mate and you are in a position that you must stop being attractive and seduce your girlfriend. Do not get carried away, play sports and keep taking care of yourself and lead an active life. You would not like your girlfriend to let herself go once she gets dressed, for example, she dresses anyhow and / or starts to get fat. So do not let go. Do not see yourself too often: This is especially true at the beginning of the relationship. If you spend 24 hours with your girlfriend you will quickly get tired. Do not put your friends aside: As you read right above, do not spend all your time with your girlfriend, keep time for your friends. Imagine that after a month or more of relationship, it ends ... What will your friends think you have abandoned? Friends are of crucial importance, so do not put them aside and spend time with them. This is how you can make your girlfriend more easily. Have a dynamic sex life: Make love to your girlfriend (I know it sounds obvious) and be both animal and romantic. If you do not make love to her anymore, she might think you do not like her anymore or she does not excite you anymore. If she sees that you are losing interest in her, she may be tempted to go elsewhere ... Have projects in common: For a lasting relationship, have life plans with your girlfriend, more or less long term. For example, taking a trip, having children, moving in together, doing an activity together, etc. Invest in your relationship. Managing your life well: conclusion The important thing for a successful and sustainable couple is to continue to seduce your girlfriend even if you have been in a relationship for a long time. Continue to surprise her. Keep leading an active and exciting life. One last thing: do not feel obligated to say "I love you", you do not need it. Acts speak louder than words. Show him that you love him, do not tell him. Acts do not lie. But do not hesitate to say a few sweet words from time to time, it does not hurt;) Well... I have prepared a second article in which you will discover how to ATTRACT girls easily, WITHOUT changing your physique. We will see together the specific points on which to act to go to the next level with women (but also in your social life in general). In the program : • How to become a MAN to WOMEN in record time (even if you're not good looking) ... • The weird little thing that allowed me to EXCIT hundreds of pretty girls easily, WITHOUT even talking to them ... • An all-out method to GIVE WOMEN to enter your life (and of course to go further with you) ... • And many other things... If you feel helpless in front of all these pretty girls who seem impossible to seduce, now is the time to watch this ... => ATTRACTING girls: becoming a MAN to WOMEN, without changing your physique All these tools are the ones I use for several years to attract girls without effort. And they are always so effective. It's true that said like that, it's a little miracle formula to the con. But there is nothing magic about it (except maybe the magic of psychology and social interactions).