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I've recently been having a look at this as my partner starts using Poshmark to sell clothing online. I haven't used it yet, but there are apparently several ways to use the app to make your items more visible to the community. I hope to have a closer look at the app next week. Some offhand thoughts on in-app scarcity for something like Poshmark: The scarcity in is real - limited user attention and the desire to have your items seen by more people are competing with each other. Designing in-app mechanisms to help surface items is a logical next step. And being that these things are tied to actual income in Poshmark, I think it might muddle up some of the clear ethical lines. Imagine making a blanket statement about reducing the number of notifications in the Uber app for drivers. Being that money is now programmable, I imagine that only more of our ethics and economics will seem at odds within increasingly personal contexts.
Yeah, some good advice in there but I wouldn’t count on these tips to solve the information ecology problem. Sort of like recycling - we should all do it, but recycling alone won’t solve climate change. The underlying business model and the bottom line will have the final say. I think on one side programmable money will offer more opportunities to design business models around intrinsic value. At the same time money will make gamification more extreme, and provide more ways to take advantage of people’s time and labor.