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Video on nowness profiling the consequences of climate change effects in Puerto Rico among others in a series on the site. " Puerto Rico, the 1949 poem by Victor Hernández Cruz that extols the virtues of the US territory lays the foundation for Winther’s film. The New York-based director pairs Cruz’s words with moving images of the people, homes and landscapes that belong to the island. “Shadow of a Hurricane captures ...Read More
Good critical review of Hito Steyerl’s ‘Drill’ at Armory “Conversely, despite the continual relevance of its subject matter, Drill never rises above the level of trite, blithe aestheticization. This is exemplified in the very Steyerl gesture of abstracting literal deaths – disproportionately non-white deaths – into brassy music”
Not sure what to think about this all white K-pop band and the cultural appropriation moment here. Seems most K-pop fans at this point are uncomfortable with it as the band gets death threats. An interesting note is that the band was actually started as an Artwork, slash experiment by ...Read More