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Since artists have started to experiment with DAOs as soon as it was technically possible to do so, it seems legitimate to ask if this technology can really allow for an emancipation of art and ...Read More

“Science fiction almost becomes science,” says artist Joey Holder on the way in which popular culture affects the development of technology. “Our imaginations of what the future is going to be like becomes the future.” Speaking to associate ...Read More

Campagna’s and Husni-Bey’s works are profoundly intertwined in their effort to imagine a new fabric of the world. Whether a method of political resistance, or as a form of metaphysical redemption, both of them place Magic at the core of ...Read More

Historically, public life came into existence only after humans began living outside of strict familial relationships, and the corresponding development of the city-state, revealing two key observations that are particularly relevant today. ...Read More

I have seen some websites like AliExpress, ebay and others where sex dolls are selling. I'm wondering if Artificial Intelligent were embedded on sex doll, I'm pretty sure it will be hype and most of people will buy them, but does government ...Read More

A new Tokyo restaurant called Sushi Singularity offers 3D-printed sushi that's “hyper-personalized” to each guest's health and nutrient needs. Scheduled to open this year, this restaurant by Open Meals (a Japanese company dedicated to ...Read More

At a time when “influencer culture,” inextricably tied to consumerism and the rise of technology, is facing an inevitable decline; when the hierarchies between high and low, authentic and ...Read More

What if Juliet had fallen in love with her cousin Rosalind instead of with Romeo?” says the artist Enrique Agudo during our phone conversation from his home in Los Angeles. We’re discussing his film The Pantheon of Queer Mythology, a ...Read More

I never thought that war will come to my country one day. But it's here for more than 5 years already, not so far from my home on the east of Ukraine. I hope one day the mankind will learn to leave without weapons.

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