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“With an ironising retrospective gaze, Little Women falls in line with what Owen Hatherley calls the “ironic-authoritarian-consumerist dreamworld” of the nostalgia industry which simplifies, limits and depoliticises the past for easy consumption in the modern marketplace.”
“Why are the very women who, in theory, hold the most social power so interested in divesting themselves of it?“
"Do you think this perverse culture surrounding wealth and the trappings of it is worse in the US than in other places? I think it’s worse in the US, and I think it’s worse in LA."
'the finished project includes around 700 clips from 183 films around the world. “You can watch any two hours of this and scribble down names of filmmakers you’ve never heard before,” Powers said.'
“The large film screen, through its overwhelming size, attempts to immerse the cinema-goer in another world. The mobile screen, which in this sense is the opposite of film, doesn’t concern itself with immersion, but rather provides a tiny surreal portal into the universe of its content. It is this surreal Thinking about how this approach to narrative storytelling normalizes a manic, fragmented, possibly dissociated life the same time it feels like a logical step forward. ...Read More
the endearing clarity here; "there’s a current worry in the furry community of mainstream society trying to gentrify, sterilise and capitalise on an overwhelmingly subversive, kinky and LGBT+ community. But people have been making animal films since film was invented, so the occasional Hollywood blockbuster isn’t going to destroy the ...Read More
John Waters on his new self-help book “When you’re young, you don’t need designer clothes. You should be thinking up the worst thing you can, so that designers can copy you.”
An interview with Astra Taylor about her new documentary "What is Democracy?" by Tiana Reid "I always have this joke, 'What if we revoiced Adam Curtis documentaries with a valley-girl accent?' How authoritative would they sound? Not very. But suddenly all the flaws would be apparent; you’d be like, 'That’s a really big leap of logic, chick.'"