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Conversation with filmmaker Anton Vidokle.

“There is no substance which cannot take the form of a living being. The simplest being is the atom. Therefore the whole universe is alive and there is nothing in it but life,” writes Tsiolkovsky ...Read More

These streets are depleted but not empty, and the silence is anything but oppressive. For all that, in the viral city there is such a sense of endlessly receding meaning. Everything is vivid, pregnant, a receptacle eager to be filled with ...Read More

The state of affairs in the performing arts seems pretty much like the state of affairs in a lot of areas of our late-capitalist hellscape: inequitable, exclusionary, overworked, underpaid, and careening out of control.

The Pantheon of Queer Mythology aims not only to create unity and give voice to the issues affecting queers every day, but Agudo also hopes to shift the narrative at the core of queer stories. In his world, there is no room to question the ...Read More

Considering the abstract expression characteristic of his paintings as a by-product of the themes that matter to him, Nitegeka explains how he had to go beyond painting to engage the issue of displacement more directly. ‘The way I ...Read More

On her hometown: Very boring. Everyone, growing up, was into all of the same things, entertainment and fashion-wise, and I was dead-set on being my own person, always. I would stay home and watch Turner Classic Movies all day. I felt like ...Read More

For Frieze Los Angeles 2020, Frieze Music returned to NeueHouse Hollywood for a night of live music. Curated by Kevin McGarry and Hans Ulrich Obrist, the lineup featured LA-based talent including Caroline Polacheck, Moses Sumney and Zsela.

That’s a Gay Pride Day photo taken on Gay Pride Day—it wasn’t a week or month. It wasn’t even Pride. It was so little. Some gay men would hang out on that Sunday, and please God, it shouldn’t rain. That’s always surprised me, people’s ...Read More

“For me, the runway can’t be a video,” Simon Porte Jacquemus told Vogue of the dramatic co-ed spring/summer 2021 show he staged in a rolling wheat field outside of Paris. “It’s at the heart of what we do; it’s not superficial. It’s ...Read More

"Mary Beth Edelson (*1933) is in some circles known above all as an enthusiastic champion of the neopaganistic Goddess movement, whose key text, “Why Women Need the Goddess,” appeared in 1978 in Heresies magazine, published by ...Read More

If image and aesthetic production is a fully saturated behavior, we should expect to see that the market for aesthetics is no longer about disruptive, product-driven innovation but about sustaining, process-driven innovation characterized ...Read More

They also spell out the cultural elements that leaders believe distinguish their company in the eyes of employees, customers, and other stakeholders.