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“The large film screen, through its overwhelming size, attempts to immerse the cinema-goer in another world. The mobile screen, which in this sense is the opposite of film, doesn’t concern itself with immersion, but rather provides a tiny surreal portal into the universe of its content. It is this surreal distinction of the small mobile display from its real world surroundings that allows viewers to accept its supernatural visual language: faster, denser, and more information-rich than the real world can offer.” Thinking about how this approach to narrative storytelling normalizes a manic, fragmented, possibly dissociated life the same time it feels like a logical step forward.
feels like compression and fragmentation has less to do with the format and more to do with attention/platforms/advertising. hopeful for vertical film that investigates different paces and time frames, feels like phones most often being paired with headphones seems like an opportunity to put emphasis on audio as storytelling mechanism when the spatial scope is narrowed