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Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) — Discussion and Resources
Here's a series of lectures on MMT presented in 2018 by L. Randall Wray (Levy Economics Institute, Bard College) at the University of Campinas, Brazil. Each of the lectures is 2+ hours long with a bibliography and a link to download the slides. Links and details on the texts and Via the MMT discord server - fairly new and small but it might pick up after a while. Link to join here: ...Read More
With interest rates close to zero in the US and at zero in Japan and Europe governments will have no choice but to rely on quantitative easing if another recession arrives. This goes along with the MMT theory that as long as inflation doesn’t increase governments don’t need to worry There are risks of politicizing government spending and politicians doing as they please for political reasons. I’m curious what happens if inflation does rise, will the Fed stop buying gov bonds prompting politicians to rein in spending? Or will the power of the Fed be eroded? ...Read More