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With so many Americans now struggling to sustain a middle-class standard of living, threats to the nation’s long-term prosperity and to middle-class security demand a wider prism.

‘‘Central banks might be the last to admit it, but the path to Modern Monetary Theory is wide open. Thanks to the pandemic, the once-radical idea that nations can issue massive amounts of sovereign debt — monetised by central banks — with ...Read More

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I think the eurozone needs an industrial policy that preserves internal competition while also bolstering southern European industry and upholding the EU’s commitment to open markets internationally. Otherwise, the euro itself will remain ...Read More

The COVID-19 lockdowns have inflicted serious long-term economic damage. But while leveraging up the economy should avoid further damage in the short term, the global economy could struggle to grow out of its debt over the longer term.

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There are plenty of aggressively confident people out there, but it doesn't mean they always know what they're talking about.

Last year, a former governor of the Bank of England, Mervyn King, even criticised the current generation of ...Read More