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“It isn’t inherently awful that YouTube uses AI to recommend video for you, because if the AI is well tuned it can help you get what you want. This would be amazing,..But the problem is that the AI isn’t built to help you get what you want — it’s built ...Read More
“As algorithmically manufactured recollection on platforms continues to take hold, we must ask what memories are left on the outskirts. What experiences are illegible to or unvalued by a commercial system? What does it mean for our subjectivities at large that we are all building our memories around same scaffolding?”
Liz Pelly dissects Spotify's mood based ad business from a surveillance capitalism perspective. (see Shoshana Zuboff's book for more). "This is because Spotify specifically wants to be seen as a mood-boosting platform. In Spotify for Brands blog posts, the company routinely emphasizes how its own platform distinguishes itself from other streams of digital content, particularly because it gives marketers a chance to reach users through a medium that is ...Read More
"Of Strings and Kings is a set of musical compositions written for strings and machine learning algorithms. The AI duet accompaniment to the essay will serve as an aesthetic counterpart corresponding to the subjects of each chapter."
Very interesting essay about AI & UBI by Vi Hart. I don't necessarily agree with the conclusions, but it does make interesting points along the way (Data Collectives, MIDs or Mediators of Individuals Data, Data Dignity...) ...Read More
"Hey OpenAI, I've replicated GPT2-1.5B in full and plan on releasing it to the public on July 1st. I sent you an email with the model. For my reasoning why, please read my post" - by NPCollapse ...Read More
Terry Gou, CEO of Foxconn, aims to be Taiwan's Trump - at the behest of divinity, of course. (Discovered via Civil)
dna testing has always seemed like such a dumb and dangerous idea: willingly giving up ones biometric data in exchange for statistics that may or may not be correct to fabricate some sense of inherited "belonging". the cost of admission is more than just the fee to the testing company; i wonder what level of intrusion, exploitation, and subjugation it's going to take for masses to actually make an about face on their admission of intimate details to these companies? deportations based on animoji's on an instagram story? years of incarceration due to a miscalculated dna match up at a it almost feels like these intrusive technologies are just a troll competition on the side of tech companies to see the limits to which people will indulge their narcissism and 'ease of life' in exchange for any level of autonomy. ...Read More
Highly Terrible Algorithmic Nightmare “YouTube never set out to serve users with sexual interests in children — but in the end... its automated system managed to keep them watching with recommendations... disturbingly on point... Users do not need to look for videos of children to end up watching them. The platform can lead them ...Read More
"AirPods foster a different approach to detachment: Rather than mute the surrounding world altogether, they visually signal the wearer’s choice to perpetually relegate the immediate environment to the background. The white earbuds create what Kantrowitz calls the AirPod Barrier, a soft but recognizable obstacle to interpersonal interaction not unlike that ...Read More
In these early days of film coloring, dyes were used primarily to accentuate important objects in the frame. All of this began at the turn of the 20th century.
This part really stood out to me. As a freelance writer for many years, my fellow writers and I have found that turning down work opportunities because of low pay is a losing game. Someone out there will take the job no matter what, and maybe that means you’ll have “Chung attempted to organize a jazz musicians' boycott for a fair wage in 2011 and found that even if more experienced performers hold out on gigs, there's always a new crop of up-and-coming artists eager to take low-paying gigs to get their names out there. She proposes that local legislation ...Read More