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"Artistic investment follows the same logic as financial speculation. Still—if contemporary art were simply an extension of finance capital, works designed to look good in banks, or in bankers’ homes, why should we even care? It’s not as if cultural critics spend a lot of time debating the latest design ...Read More
It’s distressing, if not surprising, that the Chinese government has allegedly been using social media to systematically dehumanize its own citizens in the same stark language that helped to fuel the Rwandan genocide. From the standpoint of social media, however, it’s emblematic of a wider problem in which platforms built It also suggests that Facebook’s focus on “election interference” in the wake of 2016 has been too narrow. China’s campaign in Hong Kong makes it clear that public discourse can and will be gamed and distorted at any time, rendering irrelevant tactics like the “election war room” that Facebook has ...Read More
Subjective realities are on the ascendant. We are living through an era of unprecedented increase in our ability to craft our own realities through culture in powerful ways. It is now possible to create small-scale subcultures with the complexity and richness of large nation-states. With no more than simple text At Refactor Camp 2019, we will attempt to center the positive and generative side of the Great Weirding, while keeping a sharp eye on the Dark Side. We hope to bring together a diverse audience of reality builders and explorers to map out the emerging multiverse of subjective realities, and ...Read More
It is the leadership in this administration that dictates such policy. It is the greed and lobby that contributes to the re-election campaigns of those who support such action. #plastic #cheimicals #disposable
“Rouhani has been under intense domestic political pressure to produce some kind of counter-measure following the US withdrawal. Tehran has lost patience with Europe’s efforts to create a new viable financial mechanism that would allow European firms to continue trading items such as medicines and humanitarian goods with Iran and circumvent US secondary sanctions. ...Read More
“Nothing is more hackneyed than the liberal dogma that shock value confers automatic importance of an artwork.” — Camille Paglia, Glittering Images
"More art is being produced and sold than ever before, at ever higher prices."
In fact, fascism — and the tendencies that lead toward fascism — pose a more serious threat now than at any time since the end of World War II.
Lots of interesting thoughts here. Hito Steyerl is calling for a cessation by artists and art workers from the art world (and by extension its money) and forming and alternative exchange network. But why still call that art? Seems like it would be more apt to call it something else The elitism part didn't make much sense to me also. I think there is a distinction to be made between intellectuals & art elite. Also anti-elitism does not necessarily equate to totalitarianism. Again maybe she talking in a wider sense of the word art, but to me it seems overly ...Read More
This has been pretty viral and not to say that plastic is nearly as damaging as other pollutants, chemicals, and bombs the earth has experienced, however an estimated 38 million plastic bits jewel this UNESCO island in the South Pacific- ironically uninhabited. We look out onto the ocean in awe ...Read More