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“We do family meetings every Sunday where we review goals for the week, our to-do list, and activities coming up”
"If we cut the hours we work by 25% – or a day and a quarter each week – our carbon footprint would decline by 36.6%. By working less, we produce fewer goods and services [and] also consume less in the process of getting our job done... less carbon-intensive commuting, ...Read More
On Monday, a bill that sex worker activists have helped draft will be introduced in the state legislature If passed, it would make New York the first state to fully decriminalize sex work ...Read More
Very interesting essay about AI & UBI by Vi Hart. I don't necessarily agree with the conclusions, but it does make interesting points along the way (Data Collectives, MIDs or Mediators of Individuals Data, Data Dignity...) ...Read More
"Neural networks can be as unpredictable as they are powerful. Now mathematicians are beginning to reveal how a neural network’s form will influence its function"
Some hopeful (if not wishful) thinking about the future of work via worker cooperatives.
This comes from the Walker Art Center Mag collab w offering a bunch of links to interesting projects and artists working to imagine and produce alternative web structures.
Seems similar to that CoinHive Monero miner that was going around for a while, only instead of mining crypto with user computing power, it will store files.
Let's begin with two principles: People are status-seeking monkeys* People seek out the most efficient path to maximizing social capital
"Pop stars are better understood as monarchic CEO’s of content production studios atop a feudal, trickle up, creative economy. They have adapted to the online ecosystem far faster than the critical systems that might have one day raised objection to them. For many, the only thing to do now is ...Read More