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" Today, discontent edges out content, starting from the brute etymological treason that none of it, nothing, is really contained anymore – artworks, articles, things, people, images move. Content seeps and leaks. At best, it goes ‘viral’. In the rigged democracy of images, everything vies for visibility or risks obsolescence. ...Read More
"This work opens the way for significant progress in artificial intelligence. Now that we finally understand why deep neural networks work so well, mathematicians can get to work exploring the specific mathematical properties that allow them to perform so well."
Rachel Rabbit White interview with Sophia Giovannitti for the Brooklyn Rail. Porn Carnival is Rachel’s first full-length book of poetry, an expansive meditation on both the exhaustion of selling erotic labor under capitalism, and the joyful possibilities of world-building outside of the confines of heteronormative society. She engages with the trap of proximity to money, when access to that money is ...Read More
shameless self promotion but: “ automation tools could free up designers to do more interesting, innovative things beyond building mechanics and interior layouts. Or, as so often happens under a capitalist logic consumed with “optimization” above all else, they may just cause a new flattening of design difference, ushering a new Algorithmic Realism in ...Read More
“It's as if the artist is saying that the ephemeral esoterica of life's reality make any cogent understanding of "Value" absurd on its face. If you believe in time, and you believe in money, then why - Masa is clearly asking - can you not believe that something he once ...Read More
Freedom of information online for Russia in jeopardy. "The equipment would conduct what's known as "deep packet inspection," an advanced way to filter network traffic. ...Read More
Pretty good piece, but I disagree with the characterization of union actions as "a drag". At risk of romanticizing collective action, my experience with unionization efforts is that when people are pushed to do the hard work of consistently "showing up" they usually find it affirming and vivifying. To characterize ...Read More
Is the subsidisation of companies such as Uber and Wework simply aimed at monopolising markets and driving down labor costs before Venture Capitalists can exit at huge profits by dumping on retail? I personally see the gig economy as having positive and negative consequences for the labor force, but it is hard to ignore concerns over how these organisations are being constructed run and their relationships with workers. ...Read More
What does WeWork’s architectural automation say about the state of architectural design and the way we all work? “if we look at contemporary patterns of employment, jobs within production have been largely automated while entire new sectors of professional, managerial, clerical, sales, and service workers have expanded resulting in a self-perpetuating system that exists purely to produce more pointless layers of bureaucracy filled with more bullshit jobs”
Berlin-based philosopher Samo Tomšič's latest book, The Labour of Enjoyment, & Isabelle Graw, sat down with Tomšič to discuss the implications of his recent study for the field of art. "If I now link this to your example of people who hate their work, then I’d say that this hatred points toward the same problematic compulsion. Under neoliberal capitalism, we are confronted with the injunction to enjoy work, and hence to enjoy the central compulsion in our lives and the ...Read More
A roundtable on cultural organizing in New York City. "One of the advantages of working with people in the art world is that there’s a presumed politics, which is at least liberal. But the organizing process has opened people up to thinking about cultural workers and art workers as workers, not as this separate class. The New Museum Union ...Read More
Big pyramid scheme energy. “The potential new investment from SoftBank could unlock more financing options for WeWork, which is in talks for a $3 billion to $4 billion loan from a consortium of banks contingent on it raising additional capital, FT added.” ...Read More
Ghost Work isn’t about specific jobs, but a reorganisation of employment itself (..) Any project or task that can be, at least in part, sourced, scheduled, managed and shipped through a web platform can now be performed by people on contract anywhere they can access the internet. For $15 an hour, he faced a stream of graphic content including animal torture, child pornography and death, but the workflow meant he had to watch videos in their entirety even if he’d seen them 30 times. He says daily, unexplained and seemingly arbitrary policy changes meant disturbing material was ...Read More