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What does WeWork’s architectural automation say about the state of architectural design and the way we all work? “if we look at contemporary patterns of employment, jobs within production have been largely automated while entire new sectors of professional, managerial, clerical, sales, and service workers have expanded resulting in a self-perpetuating system that exists purely to produce more pointless layers of bureaucracy filled with more bullshit jobs”
The hours in which we work, rest, and socialize are becoming ever more desynchronized.(...) The personalization of time may seem like a petty concern (...) but a calendar is more than the organization of days and months. It’s the blueprint for a shared life. ...Read More
A roundtable on cultural organizing in New York City. "One of the advantages of working with people in the art world is that there’s a presumed politics, which is at least liberal. But the organizing process has opened people up to thinking about cultural workers and art workers as workers, not as this separate class. The New Museum Union ...Read More
"When feminists call for the criminalization and delegitimization of sex work, they do not ally themselves with sex-working women. They actively create and cultivate a world in which sex-working women are culturally, legally, and visibly separated from women who do not trade sex. They make sure that they will not ...Read More
Big pyramid scheme energy. “The potential new investment from SoftBank could unlock more financing options for WeWork, which is in talks for a $3 billion to $4 billion loan from a consortium of banks contingent on it raising additional capital, FT added.” ...Read More
Ghost Work isn’t about specific jobs, but a reorganisation of employment itself (..) Any project or task that can be, at least in part, sourced, scheduled, managed and shipped through a web platform can now be performed by people on contract anywhere they can access the internet. For $15 an hour, he faced a stream of graphic content including animal torture, child pornography and death, but the workflow meant he had to watch videos in their entirety even if he’d seen them 30 times. He says daily, unexplained and seemingly arbitrary policy changes meant disturbing material was ...Read More
"She wonders whether a program like Asana might help even out the imbalances in household duties that often arise between partners—especially men and women—by making them more visible. “It tends to be that couples divide this work up in ways that aren’t exactly equitable, and that one person takes on ...Read More
"If we cut the hours we work by 25% – or a day and a quarter each week – our carbon footprint would decline by 36.6%. By working less, we produce fewer goods and services [and] also consume less in the process of getting our job done... less carbon-intensive commuting, ...Read More
On Monday, a bill that sex worker activists have helped draft will be introduced in the state legislature If passed, it would make New York the first state to fully decriminalize sex work ...Read More
Very interesting essay about AI & UBI by Vi Hart. I don't necessarily agree with the conclusions, but it does make interesting points along the way (Data Collectives, MIDs or Mediators of Individuals Data, Data Dignity...) ...Read More
"Neural networks can be as unpredictable as they are powerful. Now mathematicians are beginning to reveal how a neural network’s form will influence its function"
Some hopeful (if not wishful) thinking about the future of work via worker cooperatives.