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About Govenement regulating UI. « Hawley’s Social Media Addiction Reduction Technology Act, or the SMART Act, would ban these features that work to keep users on platforms longer, along with others, like Snapstreaks, that incentivize the continued use of these products »
I've definitely run into this at work: Which type of experiment should I run to get relevant and quick insights? Super helpful article if you need some help, too!
One of my favorite YouTubers is Shaun, a videogame streamer who got into making long videos debunking right wing YouTubers. They're long but are pleasant to watch, and are a good intro to people like Lauren Southern, Stefan Molyneux, Jordan Peterson, and their ilk. This video concerns Carl ...Read More
Still looking through this - but it's in-line with the theme of busyness I've been looking at lately. "The Experience Loop is the new value chain, and contrary to the traditional, linear, inside-outside mindset with its focus on process-driven, incremental optimisation, it is an infinite loop. It follows a service-dominant logic, as it was first described back in 2004 by Stephen Vargo and Robert Lusch. They postulated a ...Read More
‘She reminded the audience of the album covers and music videos of TLC and Aaliyah that depicted a sort of afro-futurism that also channelled into political inclinations. Her piece, “UNTITLED IN THE RAGE (NIBIRU CATACLYSM),” reflects the subtle black liberation ideologies of common black household art depicting a Jesus that ...Read More
The characters in Cha’s world—who have colorful names like the “Seven Freaks of the South” and “Immortal Cloud Sect”—operate in what is known as the jianghu, a term that is familiar to Chinese speakers and any reader of wuxia fiction but difficult to translate into English. The word literally translates ...Read More