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One of my favorite YouTubers is Shaun, a videogame streamer who got into making long videos debunking right wing YouTubers. They're long but are pleasant to watch, and are a good intro to people like Lauren Southern, Stefan Molyneux, Jordan Peterson, and their ilk. This video concerns Carl ...Read More
Still looking through this - but it's in-line with the theme of busyness I've been looking at lately. "The Experience Loop is the new value chain, and contrary to the traditional, linear, inside-outside mindset with its focus on process-driven, incremental optimisation, it is an infinite loop. It follows a service-dominant logic, as it was first described back in 2004 by Stephen Vargo and Robert Lusch. They postulated a ...Read More
‘She reminded the audience of the album covers and music videos of TLC and Aaliyah that depicted a sort of afro-futurism that also channelled into political inclinations. Her piece, “UNTITLED IN THE RAGE (NIBIRU CATACLYSM),” reflects the subtle black liberation ideologies of common black household art depicting a Jesus that ...Read More
The characters in Cha’s world—who have colorful names like the “Seven Freaks of the South” and “Immortal Cloud Sect”—operate in what is known as the jianghu, a term that is familiar to Chinese speakers and any reader of wuxia fiction but difficult to translate into English. The word literally translates ...Read More